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Essay on the United Nations Organization

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❶However, the United Nations as a organization rather than a declaration was created in at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference by the four major allied forces:

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Role of the United Nations Essay Sample

It was thought that a resurgent Germany and a financially powerful Japan would be an effective check on Soviet Russia. But the result of this selfish policy was the Second World War. At the close of this Second catastrophe within twenty years, the minds of men again turned to evoking a more effective world organization, to establish peace on the basis of mutual understanding and toleration. Membership has doubled since its inauguration.

The present strength is The Organisation works in matters relating to threat to security and peace through a Council of eleven members now raised to fifteen , called the Security Council, in which the sponsoring nations have permanent seats, the others are non-permanent and elected for two years. The Security Council has very substantial powers, even of directly intervening militarily to stop warfares, to police peace by stationing an army of UNO, by applying sanction against errant and defiant nations.

It elects for five years a person for the office of the Secretary General from a neutral nation ; it recommends the acceptance of new members and expulsion of existing members, if required. As war is caused mainly by the jealousies and rivalries among the bigger powers, its rules require unanimity among these powers in carrying out the policy.

This means that any of the five permanent members of the Security Council may veto i. These bodies may not have achieved any spectacular success but they have helped nations to come closer for common humanitarian purposes.

The goodwill fostered thereby has been considerable. Another important organ is the international Court of Justice at Hague which decides over disagreements between nations about boundaries or interpretation of treaties. But the UNO suffers from several grave defects which cause apprehensions for the future. In the first place, some of its leading members, like the USA have not appreciated change in world affairs, their policies remain authoritarian still.

This went on till the dissolution of the Soviet Union in Now USA has emerged as a unipolar super power. Iraq challenged this power for a time and is now completely in the grip of UNO i. Of late, there has been a growing realisation, since the admission of many new members from Africa and Asia, that nations, particularly those which have newly attained nationhood, should be duly represented in the decisive bodies of the UNO.

India, since her independence, has been an enthusiastic supporter of the principles for which the UNO stands. Her contributions in this regard have been significant.

However, the United Nations as a organization rather than a declaration was created in at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference by the four major allied forces: These governments and organizations were involved in drafting the UN Charter. The United Nations came into official existence as an organization on October 24, , when the Charter was ratified by the Security Council and the most of the signatories. And finally, the first meetings of the General Assembly were held in London on January 10, with 51 nations being represented www.

In its current form, the United Nations comprises four organs: As a response to the Second World War, the United Nations was first a treaty declaration between four major regions—the US, the UK, the Soviet Union, and China—and was later developed into an organization that incorporated most of the major countries in the world to maintain international peace and order.

The United Nations has been sustained through decades of hardship and wars unlike organizations that had come before it that were similar in nature. We can only hope that this beneficial organization continues its peacekeeping and anti-corruption missions.

Kennedy, Paul []. The Parliament of Man: Hoopes, Townsend; Brinkley, Douglas []. FDR and the Creation of the U. The Founding of the United Nations: Is English your native language? What is your profession? Student Teacher Writer Other. Academic Assignment Writing an Essay. Writing a Research Paper. Writing Guides for Students Writing a Memoir 2. Creative Writing Guides Writing a Song 3. Writing a Letter Writing an Evaluation Letter 3.

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- The United Nations The United Nations is an organization of sovereign nations not a world government. It provides the machinery to help find solutions to disputes or problems, and to deal with virtually any matter of concern to humanity.

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It was named the United Nations Organisation (UNO) and was inaugurated on October 24, Membership has doubled since its inauguration. The present strength is New members are admitted if the five sponsoring nations, USA, USSR, UK, France and China agree among themselves.

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An Essay on the United Nations Organization (UNO) Article shared by The United Nations Organization was founded in soon after the end of the Second World War. Essay on United Nations - United Nations The League of Nations now called the United Nations was founded in The League of Nations was composed shortly after the first world war in order to prevent any more wars. The League of Nations collapsed in On January 1 of United Nations was born.

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The United Nations Article 2 purpose is the organization of its members, in pursuit of the purpose stated in Article 1 and shall act in accordance with the following problem solvers. The organization is based on the principle of sovereign equality of all its members. The United Nations Essay Words | 10 Pages. The United Nations The United Nations, with its rigid moral and political limitations against force, has become a benchmark of peace and a social achievement of modern times.