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Sample Persuasive Essay on Individualism

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❶Community General Fiction Poetry. Well written, good job.

The follower would be afraid that his opinion would come off as being stupid, and would therefore keep his mouth shut. While the individual may lead revolutions in all aspects of life, the follower ignores his or her opinions and allows them to be trampled upon in the quest of fitting in.

Sometimes an actor may become so immersed in a role that he will "become" his character. Similarly, people who spend their lives trying to fit a mold end up losing their identity. They work hard to suppress their own thoughts and desires in order to fit in, and eventually they simply forget these thoughts and desires. When every thought in a person's head is countered by a little voice that says, "Will that make me look stupid?

The result is that the thoughts that are eventually expressed if at all have gone through a series of revisions and are not the true thoughts of the person at all.

If a person constantly revises his thoughts in this manner, his own true thoughts become superfluous to him, allowing his identity to slip through his fingers like sand through a sieve. As your individuality is an important part of maintaining your identity, you must take steps to improve your attitude towards yourself.

First, you must recognize, admit to, and even embrace your flaws. This will help you learn to love yourself for who you are rather than feel insecure about what you are not.

Next, you must come to the conclusion that what you think about yourself is far more important than what everyone elsethinks. Finally, you must develop confidence in yourself and your ideas and find the courage to be able to express them. You should never be afraid to be yourself, for life is too short to be cool. Community General Fiction Poetry. Forum General Fiction Poetry. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Just a thing I wrote for English class The Importance of Individuality In a society where one is expected to conform to the masses, maintaining individuality can be a difficult task.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. It seems, however, that Durkheim viewed suicide rates as a collective phenomenon.

Giddens explains the use of 'conscience collective' by Durkheim as a metaphor for the cultural inheritance that has been evolved in the social respects and one that forms the basis of everybody's experiences. This gives us very insightful ideas as to what would become of the society if everyone was allowed to freely express him or herself. A government and its laws are therefore very important for a society to function in a respectable manner.

If the people are left to do what they please then there is no limit to the havoc that they might cause. Thus, even in a democratic environment, the full authority is never given to the public but the public chooses their representatives that are there to govern their actions.

According to Locke, it should be the other way around and the public should be left to do what ever they please and the government should only be there to overlook all that. Durkheim, however, draws that there exists a very significant consequence that emanates from a democratic system.

He believes that the social lives of people take on a very conscious and directed character. The cooperation of the public and the government is what creates the conscience collective and the government must maintain a good living environment for the public in order to achieve a worthwhile social atmosphere.

Thus the government is a very necessary part of the social affairs of the public. Some of the thoughts that people exhibit do become part of the social norms but the work of the government is to filter out many of these thoughts so that only the good ones turn out to become the values of the society.

If the people were not monitored and controlled, there could be an influx of many undesirable values within a society, and a destruction of collectivism. Friedrich von Hayek wrote the book The Road to Serfdom in and this book predicted how the world would be like in the next 50 years of so. This book basically talks about the destruction of the socialist movement all over the world following the Second World War and why this was the only thing that the world could witness and undergo in the post war scenario.

This book can be used as a reference guide to understanding why the world turned out to be like it is in the second half of the twentieth century. The book talks about the death of collectivism everything related to it and explained then that all this would not be an accident, rather inevitable. It can be said that this book was perhaps what set such ideas into the minds of the people and the politician and thus the events of the world and history took the course that it did.

The basic idea behind this book is the idea of the battle between collectivism versus individualism. Hayek's argument of individualism is that it is a very sophisticated and subtle phenomenon and it depends completely upon the rationality of the thinker.

Collectivism, on the other hand, is all about the emotions that the people can decree in an idea. Since the emotions in human beings are felt more strongly and are more primeval than the abilities to think rationally, collectivism is usually the stronger and preferred response to various situations.

Hayek's main message was to undermine socialism as being an ineffective way of dealing with human resources and economics. He argued that wealth should not be distributed equally among the people and a sense of competition was required in order to keep the capitalist structure working and keep providing for the human race. It would seem that the message conveyed by Hayek was well understood as the liberal activists in the government today, both in the political as well as the bureaucratic facade, are more capitalist in their approach as their ideas of distribute the wealth among the society members is not through the government controlled acquisitions of factors of production and other economic facilities, but by the redistribution of the income by employing modern economic means such as taxation, the creation of the welfare state, and by the regulation of private enterprises.

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Thoughts on Individuality and Non-individuality - Natural systems can be thought of as non-separable and therefore non-individual. This non-individuality is a conceptual framework of the philosophy of science.

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The Importance of Individuality. In a society where one is expected to conform to the masses, maintaining individuality can be a difficult task.

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- Individualism in The Fountainhead Individualism, the doctrine of free thought and action of the individual, forms the basis of Ayn Rand's novel The Fountainhead. The major theme of her fiction is the primacy of the individual, the unique and precious individual life. Individualism essays Society emphasizes surface appearance. There is also a great deal of importance people give to winning at any cost. Today, to win, we often try to change who and what we are. As a result, people lose their sense of individualism by altering their appearance to meet the social no.

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Individuality has been something people have been dealing with or living along with for a long time. Perhaps you did not know, but today, society as a whole moves away from people being individuals. True, there are those who do encourage individuality, but those who are against it are larger in number, and more ridiculous in claim/5(5). The twelve essays composing this volume were originally prepared for a "Symposium on Individuality and Personality" held at the Princeton Inn, Princeton, New Jersey, September 12 to 18, Most of them have been somewhat revised by the authors, in the light of the symposium discussions, and are.