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Burger King guest Satisfaction Survey
Burger King:

BK you need to fix your system, try and keep me as a customer, show me something that will change my mind. Driving through Tallahassee Florida on way to Jacksonville. Order 66 Tuesday, August 7, at Specifically asked for packets of ketchup. Neither order taker or window attendant offered greetings. Most annoyed that we are in the car and did not receive napkins. I pulled in to the drive through at the Burger King on Hill Rd.

There were 3 sandwiches listed including the bacon cheeseburger. After several more exchanges, she said I would have to pull out of line. After pulling out of the line, I noticed a feedback phone number sign, so I called.

After waiting on hold for over 7 minutes, I gave up and hung up. Needless to say, this was an awful Burger King experience… I will certainly never visit this Burger King again. My husband I want to tell you what a great team you have at location. They make us want return for our meal , please let them know we appreciate them. I tried to do the survey but most of the numbers I needed messed up on the receipt. I visited the West Lebanon NH location today and realized why I usually do not go into that burger king.

I ordered my food and they gave me my coffee first and it was cold. So they brewed another pot and replaced it. I waited fifteen or twenty minutes while my sandwich sat ready to give to me and by the time I received it had to be remade because that too was almost cold.

But the experience before made it not as enjoyable. The dog was not labeled as a Service Dog. It was on the table and they were feeding it also. Service dogs to not behave as this one did. They brought it in in a dog buggy. They do not belong on the tables. I will never come to this burger king again i oder. My food went to sit down and they had so many homeless people sleeping on most of the tables it look really bad for the business. We ordered a veggie burger meal with just lettuce and tomato, and a small cheeseburger with just lettuce and ketchup.

Workers seemed to have no idea what myborder was supposed to be and looked like they could care less. Was late for my engagement and almost had a heart attack with frustration. Worst meal I have ever had. This BK is at at s Lindbergh blvd, St. Got 2 spicy crispy chicken sandwiches. Both were so over-cooked they were very dark brown in color. They were NOT spicy, as a matter of fact they were tasteless. Hello my boyfriend and I went to the University Ave Des Moines location and we met two very nice and polite worker who explained what was the best food to get and their names are Cheryl and jeree and they we so helpful and nice that I will put in a application right after I do this we are very pleased with the service the food was amazing and hot and we will continue to come to this location as much as we can.

There was no ice; no lids for cups. But the worst was the condition of the store cleanliness , i. The entire store needs a GOOD cleaning! It shows that nobody seems to care. If I can say something positive, the person taking the order and money was nice, with a good attitude.

This was on 31 August at approximately 5: My wife and I went to BK on at 1: The lady that took our order was blowing her nose and we had to wait to place our order until she finished. She never washed her hands nor covered her mouth as she coughed. She then handed us our cups for our drinks. Disgusting to say the least. She continued to stand behind the counter while we waited for our order and repeatedly coughed without covering her mouth.

After our order came and we sat down to eat we watched a man come from the kitchen area with a bucket of ice for the drink machine. Instead of using a small stool or ladder he jumped up on the counter where we just got our napkins and straws from and dumped the ice in the machine. He never came back to wipe the counter off from the filth on the bottom of his shoes.

Worst customer service ever in Alma, AR.! Finally got our order…got home and our fries consisted of about 8 fries in each container. You need a mobile device or a computer with Internet Connectivity.

The latter is preferable as it is easier than the former. When the next screen loads, it will require you to enter the 20 digit survey code. The first question you will need to answer is how much were you satisfied with your experience at Burger King. Once you answer that, it will ask you your order type whether it was a drive-thru, Dine-in, or Carry-out.

Answer all the required questions honestly. You will need to answer as to how much you were satisfied with the different criteria at the Burger King Restaurant.

You have to note that code and write it down on the receipt. Furthermore, you can present it to the cashier the next time you visit Burger King and get a discount or an offer on your meal.

This is not acceptable, we are very sorry for this. I could not participate in the survey either. I asked for a better receipt. We will forward this issue to respective store. We will forward this issue to the respective store. Store … 13th st. My preference is mustard. I forgot to ask when i initially placed my order and noticed once i sat down. When I went up to the counter to correct my order, i was informed that they could not fix my burger.

It seemed to be a I went to store today with someone. Went to the drive through and requested two separate orders. I was told by the person at the drive through was that she wasn't allowed to do that. It is the only Burger King that will not accommodate this request. As a result I will no longer I like Burger King but I can't get food there because it takes so long.

If there are more than 2 cars ahead of me I am late back to work. I have 30 min. Two cars in front of me today, You would think I could get food in 15 but I wa My daughter works for the Burger King in Memphis Tennessee at the block of Union Avenue near Pauline would not give her a break because she works the drive thru her schedule is from 8 a. With no breaks and she On at it about 5: Robertson new Orleans, la I observed the manager fixing my food without a hairnet or food service gloves then after asking her to use gloves I notice her employee place my burger buns on the I was tired and my feet hurt from directing traffic.

I came in your store to sit. Your employee told me I need to leave. I still sat in the September 11 I went through drive through this morning and i was writing the amount in my book and the worker kept telling me to pull forward and i told him to wait because i was writing in my book and he kept telling me again and again and said my timer is almost 5 minutes so to pull A wooper the tomatoes aren't fresh the lettuce looks nasty pre cook the first time I order and receive a meal ok this I know its the best but at least to try it really looks not tasty and it definitely looks lk they had it for hours and just serve it to get rid of it nothing look fresh the I have went in several times into the Oscoda store and I have been denied service by one specific worker.

And it's usually only with my boyfriend. And he's heard the things she has said. Examples being "oh they are back" and "thank you I didn't want to deal with them" now I usually Drink area had red drink spilled on counter. – Burger King Coupon Code

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Welcome to the My BURGER KING® Experience Survey.. We value your candid feedback and appreciate you taking the time to complete our survey. When you finish, you will be given a validation code to write in the space provided on your invitation.

Privacy FAQs – Burger King Coupon Code. Enter the Burger King Customer Survey at to redeem a free coupon to use at Burger King. Customers will need to answer questions on whether you visited the drive-in or restaurant as well as the service, quality of food, cleanliness of restaurant and .

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Burger King Customer Satisfaction Survey ( If you have recently visited Burger King, your feedback is wanted! Here's what you need to do to complete the Burger King Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt. Complete a short survey about your recent BK experience® for a FREE WHOPPER® Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich or CROISSAN'WICH® Sandwich on your next visit! Overall Satisfaction What is your overall satisfaction with the BURGER KING© brand?*.

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The Burger King online survey takes a few minutes to complete, and as a token of appreciation, at the end of the survey, you will get a validation code, which you can write on your receipt and redeem it for your next meal at Burger King. Home» Restaurant Survey» Burger King Customer Feedback Survey Burger King strives to deliver excellent eating experience to its customers. By finishing the Burger King customer feedback survey, you will help BK develop its business.