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Barack Obama Wrote An Essay About Feminism Every Man Needs To Read

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❶She was also the vice-president of the University of Chicago medical center. Understanding Health Care Reform:

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Barack Obama Essay Examples

Obama is not an international figure because of the color of his skin, but because of what he stands for, the values that he believes in. He managed to beat John McCain in the race to the White House, not because he was a better hero, but because he embodied what Americans had been lacking for a very long time: Obama as president has been able to achieve a lot for his country.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is about to become history, thanks to Obama-government policies. Many saw his anti-war sentiments as being cowardly, but the truth is the US does not have to be in a war that is basically senseless. His healthcare program is about to change how people access healthcare in the country. His economic policies have helped a lot of people survive the recent economic crunch.

Pundits had tried to discredit him on the basis that he lacked the necessary experience to run the affairs of the United States. It should also provide a thesis statement, which is a one-sentence description of what the paper will be about. This can be placed at the end of the first paragraph, or at the end of the total introduction. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, much more commonly called "Obamacare," was designed to provide insurance to a large number of Americans who would otherwise be uninsured, but it has been fraught with problems since its creation.

There was much resistance to it in the beginning, and not all of that resistance came from the Republican side of the aisle. Even some democrats were opposed to it. The same is basically true whether one is talking about Congress and the government, or whether one is talking about the general population — there is opposition to the law. That was the first hurdle that had to be gotten past.

Once that was conquered, the work of creating the website to help people sign up and the information about what would be done regarding those who refused to sign up had to be addressed. It was argued that the government could not force people to buy insurance, but the penalty was ruled a "tax. For people who were happy about the law, there was a realization that they would soon be able to have health insurance, could not be rejected for pre-existing conditions, and would not have to struggle with medical bills if something catastrophic should happen.

That was very important to them — but only if they could afford to have the insurance. Like many of the other insurance plans that came before Obamacare, such as Medicaid, there were gaps where people basically made too much to get affordable coverage but did not make enough to afford coverage of their own. That was a serious issue for those groups, and something that has still not completely been corrected.

This is the thesis statement. It's also an opinion, because not everyone would agree and it is not factual. The paper should argue for this particular thesis statement, and explain to the reader why Obamacare is the right choice even though there are problems with it.

However, Obamacare has vastly improved the opportunities for health care for many people in the US, despite its problems. This is an MLA citation. Note that it uses the author's last name and the page number where the information was taken from. No date of publication is required in this method of citation, although that date should appear with the reference on the Works Cited page.

It was a hard-fought battle to get Obamacare into US law, because of the strong resistance of most Republicans and a significant number of Democrats Barr, In the end, however, the law prevailed and Obama was able to sign the bill creating what many of his supporters believed was his greatest achievement as president. This is cited in APA style, for comparison. Note that is requires the author's last name and the date of publication, instead of the page number.

Naturally, they were not successful. There are many speculative reasons for why Obama was successful where past presidents were not. However, it appears that the American people were simply ready for a change and felt that a move toward a more socialized system of medicine that would allow everyone to have health care coverage would be the best choice.

There have been challenges to the law since its creation Feldman, In addition to challenging the requirement that people either buy insurance or pay a penalty, the entire law itself has been challenged as unconstitutional Feldman, That challenge was lost in court, but that does not mean that everyone in the country agrees that the ruling was the right one. There are still many people opposed to the law and its creation, and many who hope a new president during the next election cycle will mean a repeal of the law.

Myths also surrounded the law and caused concern for citizens who believed them. For example, it was rumored that older people who were sickly would be denied life-saving treatment through so-called "death panels," and that people who did not buy insurance would be put in jail CCH, Those fears have generally been put to rest, although there are some people who still believe those things are accurate.

This is generally the most significant argument in favor of Obamacare — that more people who need health insurance will be able to get it. One of the points on which there really can be no argument is that more people will be insured under Obamacare. People who were previously not able to afford coverage will be able to get subsidies to make it easier for them to purchase a policy for a price they can handle Barr, Additionally, the Medicaid guidelines will be expanded, so more low-income people will qualify Barr, Obviously, Obama had challenges dealing with his multiracial heritage and family loss.

This led to a fixation on drugs like alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. This was a usual resort for the people who wanted to purge their minds of disconcerting thoughts. Nevertheless, this did not stop Obama; he went through hurdles, crossed many rivers and climbed the highest mountain of political ambition by becoming the first black president of the illustrious United States of America.

Writing President Barack Obama essay promises to be a journey of adventure, a study of morals and huge achievements. Still there are students who prefer buying custom papers at ProfEssays. Obama essay, like any other literary writing, is rather challenging due to diverse issues that need to be covered in it.

The following tips should be considered:. A President Barack Obama research paper must be written according to these tips: President Barack Obama summary will not be a difficult task if you follow all the requirements for writing this kind of paper. It is necessary to pay attention to writing introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Body paragraphs are usually written by means of the following steps: President Barack Obama review will be successful if you complete it following these steps: First of all, it is necessary to read the information about the president and then choose the major ideas to focus on.

Support each idea presented in the paper with arguments. It is the beginning of success, if only you go ahead and not stay fallen. These very actions helped Mccain to be elevated to statewide office very quickly and contributed to his success. John participated in supporting the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. The major purpose of this act was to prohibit political parties to raise funds that were unregulated.

A Potential President Hillary Clinton Essay will be interesting and catching if you stress that this very woman made American society to change its point of view upon female candidates and politicians. Actually, Hillary Clinton became the first female candidate, that successful and with a real opportunity to win the elections.

Essay on Barack Obama as a President

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Free obama papers, essays, and research papers. The Promise: President Obama - When Barack Obama stood before a cheering crowd in his home state Illinois and announced his candidacy, no believed that this guy .

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Following is a plagiarism free essay example about the Presidency of Barack Obama. Be sure to use this custom written paper to your advantage.

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Free example essay on Barack Obama: The Barack Obama presidency has elicited a lot of interest not only in the United States, but all around the world. Obama is. Free barack obama papers, essays, and research papers.

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Professional Help with Writing Obama Research Papers A Barack Obama essay gives a picture of his life and political activities. Barack Obama has invited serious speculation when he became America’s first black president. A Barrack Obama essay writing that discusses his President-ship is quite popular. Obama’s journey to President-ship is of . Free Essay: Obama’s Presidency Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4th, He went to Harvard Law School. After his graduation, continued.