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A Buy Nothing Day Essay

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They should be mature and ideological enough to realize all of their spending is way too much and they are in a spiral of consumerism. What is a woman goes into labor? What if someone is having a heart attack? Is the government and society going to risk thousands of people just so we can stand up to consumerism and get a morality check? I am in full support of a non-materialistic american society, but it needs to be more thought through,. On that day, people enjoy the benefits of low-cost products.

A day of protests will not solve the main problem. In my opinion, it's something ideological, because the people who want to protest normally are against Capitalism and they only want to make noise in the same day that people are buying. A single day of no customers would put a family owned or small business in debt. The real issue they are trying to address here is that of avid consumerism from largely corporate sources. Putting small businesses out would lead to unemployment, which is ultimately bad for the economy.

If people participate in this "buy nothing day" it would only help large corporate businesses in the long run by eliminating their local business competitors. Some business require those purchases to stay open, and that is unfair to them. Although many would argue that companies can survive one day without customers, many stores have such tight margins that without sales, they literally cannot afford to keep their lights on.

This day forcing these businesses to close can be very detrimental. Not like anybody will participate anyways. When solving a problem like over consumption you have to think bigger. Although it is a good idea, i honestly don't think it'll solve anything. I also think if you want this day to really be shown the the people, you have to promote it on a bigger platform like social media and literally let the message spread everywhere.

People still most likely won't participate , but its a good start. For this holiday to set place would mean businesses that don't make much personal profit to live off of would be massively effected.

They would halve less to support their needs. It could put some out of business meaning unemployment which is harmful for the economy.

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Mar 05,  · When the need arises to buy nothing day essay, care should be taken to ensure that you get only from a reliable source that can promise a positive result/5(93).

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The first “buy Nothing Day’ in was the start of a brand new revolution, starting in Canada, slowly moving outward. As Americans, we are the most wasteful and unforgiving when it comes to the environment and the way it is treated. Buy Nothing Day Buy Nothing Day is an day of protest that was founded in Canada in where people are asked to purchase no goods as a way to attempt to increase awareness of excessive consumerism and its environmental and ethical consequences. Over the last 22 years it has been held annually in many nations and activist groups are continuing.

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“Buy Nothing Day”, a day in which people are urged to purchase no goods, has good intentions, but may actually have more of a negative effect than a positive one. Yes, this one day may promote awareness to the problems of overconsumption, but it could harm the economy even more. Also, people spend money every [ ]. A Buy Nothing Day, although based in good motives, is extreme and should not be established in the United States because it may hurt the economy, and it is an ineffective way to .