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Should The Voting Age Be Lowered To 16?

They deserve to have a say.

❶How is that mature.

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Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Essay Sample
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People that are younger are even easier to manipulate and that will only increase the amount of fear based media and pressure when it comes to voters. It is unfair to say that younger people are easier to manipulate when older people and mentally ill people are also easy to manipulate.

The real answer is to make it impossible to manipulate the voters in any way, as that would means older and younger people may vote more fairly. Counter-counter argument We do not live in a society where such protection is possible. There is no place in the world that has come up with a way of stopping one group or one person from manipulating another person or group of people.

Whilst manipulation is possible with older people, it is still more likely to happen with younger people, which is why they should wait until they are old enough so they may vote.

This is from the historical evidence showing that a group of people are often treat poorly until they are represented in the government in some form. At the moment, there are no 13yr old ministers or senators, but if a younger person were able to vote then that person may vote for people with younger persons needs in mind. It is the job of the parents to fight for the rights and the wellbeing of their children.

There is also the fact that the needs of younger people would be represented twice. The parents would still be looking out for the needs of their children, and the teens would also be looking out for their own needs.

This would double the size of a certain group in unfair proportions to other groups. There were some points that were missed from this essay as they are too difficult to conclude upon, such as if parents would influence the votes of their children, and people having children so that they have a bigger team of voters, etc.

No - we trust parents to cast votes after thinking about the interests of their families. And there are other ways for young people to have a say - they can write to elected representatives and newspapers, sign petitions, speak at public meetings, join youth parliaments, etc. Finally, there is no age at which you start to be taxed. Rich children with investment funds and child stars all earn money at a young age and are taxed on it. It is important in a democracy to include as wide a range of opinion as possible.

The idea of representation by elected officials means that as many different views as possible should be heard at election time. Teenagers have their own interests and views which are currently not represented. This leads them to feel unvalued by society and to lose trust in the way the country is governed. Having a broad range of opinion at elections has to be balanced against having responsible voters.

Everyone would agree that there has to be a minimum voting age. Most people believe that the line should be drawn at 18 rather than Although some 16 year olds may be mature enough to vote, most have not yet formed political views of their own yet.

On average, young people are much more likely to be ready for the responsibility of voting at You can't vote wrong. Did voters choose poorly when the elected Clinton in ? Republicans would say so. Did voters choose poorly when they elected Bush in ? Democrats would say so.

If youth were able to vote for either of them, or against them would they be voting wrong? I don't think so. All voters have their own reasons for voting, we may disagree with their reasons, but we must respect their right to make a decision.

This is what we must do with youth. There is a problem of apathy in many western countries, with low turnouts at elections. Is it surprising that they lose interest in public affairs during this time? Because national elections are usually only held every four years or so, many people have to wait until they are 20 or 21 before their first chance to cast an important vote.

Earlier voting is not a solution to the low turnout problem. At the moment year olds are the least likely to cast a vote at election time. Youth membership of political parties is falling. Lowering the voting age still further is therefore likely to reduce turnout even more. Giving the vote to teenagers would force politicians to take them seriously.

Policies on education e. It would be dangerous to give young people the vote. They might use it in foolish ways. For example they might vote for celebrities or make their decision on which party had the best image. They might put extremists into power or vote without thinking on single issues e. Debatabase Elections Voting Youth Youth rights. Article Discussion Edit History. Boston In other languages. Retrieved from " http: This page was last modified This page has been accessed 89, times.

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Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Essay Sample. This question has been debated nationwide during these past years. A fundamental element in the success of a democratic society is the willingness of the people to be self-governing.

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Argumentative essay – Should the voting age be lowered? In my essay, I intend to show that lowering the voting age is not such a bad idea. My research shows that people consider lowering the voting age to be very bad.

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This topic looks at the case for lowering the voting age to 16, but the arguments below could be used for a debate about a different voting age (perhaps 14?). Another issue to consider is whether the same age should be used for all kinds of voting (e.g. local elections, state elections, national elections, referenda). Lowering the Voting Age to 18 Words | 6 Pages. Many people opposed the change of voting age, but others believed that it should be lowered. People who think that the voting age should stay the same usually are the conservative people who want to keep the old customs as they are.

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Should the voting age be lowered to 16 in the uk essay Here's why drinking age should be lowered in the following footnotes directly. Stand on this product reviews and future of age should the belize constitution, most 18 year old voting at age to This essay argues out whether the voting age should be lowered to thirteen. The age thirteen was picked because it is a time when a child should start thinking more about becoming an adult, and it is a time in a person’s life when the Jewish faith says a child becomes an adult.