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WiFi-equipped school buses help students get online

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❶Are these the schools of the future? From driving to work to cooking in the kitchen, from the way we do research to the ways we entertain ourselves, all of us are affected by technology.


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WiFi school buses are one new approach to help students without access to fast broadband at home get connected. The school buses are equipped with routers and students use a public network to connect to the internet. This allows children who have long commutes, which can be two hours each day, to finish homework assignments on their journey. Are these the schools of the future?

According to a national survey in , Many households in the community did not have broadband access so the district, which has more than 30, students, introduced two WiFi school buses in Kaden Jacobs, Richmond County School System's director of communications, says that the WiFi buses were introduced to close the digital divide students in the district were facing.

The buses transport children to and from school and were parked at two community centers daily during the summer. The district is currently analyzing how the program has impacted grades. But the homework gap is not just an American problem -- schools all over the world are trying to battle the digital divide.

Cell phone ownership in developing nations is increasing substantially. Using this new trend to their advantage, schools around the world are implementing mobile learning programs as a tool to connect students outside of the classroom. How students around the world are learning in new ways. One example is a program in Niger that used exercises on a mobile phone to improve reading and numeracy in adult education.

This is a huge increase over the last two decades. Teachers and students are both finding that increased technology availability and use are producing positive outcomes in the learning environment.

The same percentage of students report that technology is a motivator in their learning process. Nearly two-thirds of teachers say that the use of technology in the classroom allows them to show something they are not able to demonstrate in a different way. However, only about half of teachers report using technology for online lesson planning. About half of all teachers allow students to access web-based educational games and activities for learning in the classroom.

According to majority of students and teachers, digital technologies allow students to share their writing abilities and work with a wider and more varied audience. According to recent studies, mobile devices also have many benefits in the classroom.

These benefits include reducing the amount of paper used by students, helping absent students keep up with their missed work, engaging more students and on a higher level, and apps that cover a wide age-range, learning styles, and many different topics. Digital work submissions mean that when students turn in homework, their work is now accessible to both the teacher and the student simultaneously.

Instead of only one person or the other having it at any one time, both parties can access their work any time, from anywhere they have an Internet connection. It also means the end of folders, crumpled papers, and lost work. Feedback can be more extensive: I often found myself squeezing feedback into narrow margins or limited space at the top or bottom of pages.

For as important as feedback was, my shoving it into tiny spaces only minimally served students. With digital work, the feedback is digital, too. This means that I can type much longer comments, giving students the easily readable and fully explained feedback they deserve.

Feedback is accessible at any point in the future: This is especially useful as you focus on and off on certain skills throughout a year; students can look at all of their past feedback associated with particular areas and be better equipped to succeed with their next attempt.

Assignments and due dates are electronically posted: Just like student work is accessible any time, so are the assignment descriptions and due dates you give out.

Like you can tell from many of the above perks, having digital work submissions helps to increase accountability for students. Teachers, too, benefit from not having to worry about keeping items organized with endless folders, rubber bands, and stacks. All a teacher needs for working with student submissions now is a computer or tablet. That greatly decreases the quantity of items needed to be transported around school or back and forth to home. Just like reading a digital book feels different than reading a physical one, the same is true for student work.

Different kinds of feedback:


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