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Death of a Salesman Questions and Answers

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❶Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman would be considered a family drama because it chronicles the numerous struggles and conflicts in the lives of the Loman family as Willy and his sons attempt to This music is dramatic and is played upon one flute, it is simplistic and powerful.

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He criticised capitalism at a time when the communist witch-hunts were carried out in America and he was arrested for sympathising with communists. It is obvious this play is an attack on the American social values of which he disapproves. The Set There are many stage directions throughout the play, to increase the dramatic impact, but the longest is at the start, it details the various lighting, music and stagecraft that must be used to make the play have an effect on the audience.

Another feature of the set is the fact that there are many imaginary wall lines around the set. In the past these wall lines are ignored and the actors can pass freely through the boundaries.

This is important as the action in the play frequently skips from past to present, and can tell an audience more about what time the scene is set in. The kitchen is placed in the centre and has all the typical features of a kitchen e. A fridge, table, sink etc. This is very hard for a direct to do but helps the dramatic impact of the play.

Willy Loman lives in New York City. According to the brief paragraph preceding Act One: The action takes place in Willy Loman's house and yard and in various places he visits in the New York and In Death of a Salesman, what effect do the expectations of parents have on the behavior of their In Death of a Salesman the expectations of two particular parents, Willy Loman and his neighbor Charley, seem to definitely make a difference in the outcome of their children.

How would you describe Biff and Happy from Death of a Salesman? Who is more sympathetic? In Death of a Salesman, Willy's elder son Biff is uncertain, insecure, and haunted by struggles with his father's expectations. As a child, Biff's parents believed he had more potential than his The first act of the play "Death of a Salesman" introduces the Loman family. Willy Loman, the main character, is a traveling salesman; his adult sons, Happy and Biff, are visiting him and his wife What is the real tragedy in Loman's family in Death of a Salesman?

The real tragedy with the Loman family in Death of a Salesman is a combination of lack of action, aptitude and attitude to attain the superbly high goals that the men of the family set for Willy misses the point and confuses "being loved" with being "well-liked" as it is evidenced in the fact that he takes almost for granted the love of his wife, Linda, and seems more eager to please How are the past and present skillfully blended in Miller's Death of a Salesman to illustrate the Miller originally titled his play The Inside of his Head, suggesting much of the story would be about Willy Loman's illusions.

To indicate the parts of the action that take place in the present How is stealing related to salesmanship in Death of a Salesman? Salesmanship is the act and ability to convince potential customers to purchase items.

The better the salesperson, the more salesmanship he or she will display. The key to salesmanship is not just One of the major conflicts that Willy Loman faces in Death of a Salesman is his conflict with society, which arguably springs from his own conflict with himself.

As his issues with himself develop, In Death of a Salesman, what did Willy Loman struggle with, and why may he have chosen to end his Willy's inner conflict was, essentially, his fantasy world versus his reality. It is evident in more than just the constant hallucinations that he suffers throughout the play.

I need help writing an essay on whether Linda is a good mom or not in Death of a Salesman. Linda's character definitely reads more like a devout wife than a sacrificed parent. If anything, she is more of a mother and caretaker to her own husband than she is to Biff and Happy. In Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, what are some examples of and quotes relating to the In Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman constantly indulges in illusions rather than face reality.

For example, he imagines that his son, Biff, can become a successful salesman if Biff only applies What huge achievement has Bernard accomplished in Death of a Salesman? Why does Bernard not brag? As Bernard is about What is the relevance of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman in ? Many of the themes of Death of a Salesman absolutely resonate in the cultural, political, and workplace climate of For example, Willy is devoted to the American Dream, the idea that a man can What color is the trophy and what does this mean in "Death of a Salesman?

In the stage directions at the beginning of the play, Miller specifies that "a silver athletic trophy" stands on a shelf above Willy's bed. The color specified for the trophy has several possible In Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman can't grow plants from seeds because he has an inability to succeed.

Throughout the play, Willy tries to be successful at the things he does Most of Willy's fear of abandonment comes through in the scenes where he has imaginary conversations with his brother, Ben, who is a father figure but who also abandoned him when he was young. Miller is adamant that Death of a salesman has many elements that allow it to qualify as a Greek tragedy but, he is more concerned with the idea of modern tragedy and how Willy Loman is a tragic hero in modern society.

Though he is a common man or a Low-man as his name suggests, Willy was described by Miller as "a very brave spirit who cannot settle for half but must pursue his dream of himself to the end.

The question of why Willy commits suicide is of course central. The title Death of a Salesman raises it even before the play begins. The forces that drove Willy to kill himself were perhaps; escape, from the empty and bitter reality of his life; revenge, for his sons' disrespect and resentment; power, in taking action when everything seems hopeless; courage, to lay down his life; victory, finally being able to make a profitable deal, and, by redeeming his life insurance policy, giving his son a fortune, understanding, that he went wrong, this is the true realisation and is similar to King Lear at his death with Cordelia.

So Willy Loman wreaks havoc on his own life and on that of his sons. The blight of his own confusion is visited upon them.

Willy wants to make an impression, to be remembered after his death, to "give something" to Biff and Happy, and his inability to do any of these haunts him. Once he realises his life has been futile: Willy comes to face, the absurdity of life, and it is for this reason that "attention must be paid.

And, also, it presents Willy as a victim of the deterioration of the "American dream". Essay UK - http:

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Conventional Questions: To what extent is Biff the true tragic hero of 'Death of a Salesman'? Miller suggests that the natural hero of 'Death of a Salesman' is the man in the street, the individual attempting to gain his rightful place in society.

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DEATH OF A SALESMAN: CHARACTER ANALYSIS/THEME By Institution Death of a Salesman: Character Analysis/Theme The American Dream is an ambition that many people struggle to attain through life, and Willy Loman is no exception. Home» Death of a salesman coursework Death of a salesman coursework In ‘In death of a salesman’ we see an optimistic salesman, Willy Loman, in the last 48 hours of his life.

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What Extent is "Death of a Salesman" a Tragedy? Critics have hotly debated the question of whether Willy Loman is a tragic hero or whether Death of a Salesman is a tragedy. Dramatic tragedy was invented and defined by the Greeks. Free coursework on Death Of A Salesman Essay from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing.