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My Memorable Biology Class Experience Essay

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What is biology?

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Biology is the study of life. It plays a very important role in our lives. It teaches us how our body functions and how we can take care of it. You have a better overall view when you know all areas of academic study. Likewise, you get to know the scientific method. Biology influences me in many ways. Biology influences me by teaching me why to take care of the environment, why I am to take care of my body, and by giving me a better overall view of all scientific areas of study.

The first reason how biology influences me is that it motivates me to take care of the environment. This experience will forever be in mind for years to come.

This paper will look at my previous experiences in school and the reason why this particular experience in biology class stands out from the rest.

It was one morning that after out biology classes that out tutor told us that we would proceed to the laboratory to carryout some experiments. In the previous one moth, we were studying cell and organizational biology. This topic was of much interest to me because it gave me a chance to learn about different biological mechanisms and the interrelationships between different cells in organisms.

After the lesson, our teacher divided us into groups of three and every group was supposed to look for an animal to dissect. I and other members of out group decided to dissect a minks and carryout out tests to establish whether there were traces of mercury or other substances in its tissue. When the time came to go to the laboratory, we went out in search of a minks. Every group member went out in search of a mink within the neighborhood.

It did not take long before one member of our group caught one. Afterwards, we went into the laboratory to start carrying out our experiment. On arrival, we found that we were the first group to start working on their experiment. Mike, one of our group members assembled all the required tools and equipment. Overall, biology is the science of the study of all the living organisms on the planet. Biology is a world of inventions and discoveries.

Man is learning something or the other continually. Biology is a huge branch of science with several types of study, and each branch has its own pattern. The constant discoveries or inventions can be attributed to the several of the branches of biology. Right from the study of bacteria to human beings is all covered by the various branches of biology.

Osmosis is the passing of water from a higher concentrated region to a lower concentrated region through a membrane. However, the process of osmosis in biology is not that simple. First of all osmosis is a process that can be divided into three parts. There are something called the semi-permeable membranes, which are thin layers of materials, and they allow smallest of particles to pass through their delicate membrane system.

However, they prevent the bigger particles from passing through, and act somewhat like a filter. The particles that are allowed are oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, ammonia; glucose and amino acids. Sucrose, proteins and starch are bigger particles, and therefore, are not allowed through the membrane.

A region that has high concentration of water would mean that it is high in concentration of particles like sucrose. So, the water is getting naturally filtered when flowing from a higher region to a lower region.

So, osmosis can be defined as a process where the water is diffused from a semi permeable membrane. It is also necessarily the movement of water from a higher concentration region to a lower water potential area through a semi permeable membrane.

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