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9 Creative Writing Exercises Perfect for English Learners

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1. Practice Writing in English Every Day

Writing in the Age of the Internet
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WR Topics in Public and Professional Writing 4 Courses, seminars, or workshops in specialized topics relating to business, technical, and professional writing. WR Creative Non-Fiction Workshop 4 First course in creative nonfiction writing, emphasizing technique and critical appreciation of genre.

WR Topics in Creative Writing 4 First course in techniques of creative writing in areas other than fiction or poetry. Specific focus will be identified each time course is offered.

WR Professional Writing in Global Contexts 4 Instruction and practice in professional writing in cultural contexts both domestic and international. WR Writing across Media 4 Experience with principles of media theory and media genre conventions that affect the display of digital writing.

WR Professional Editing 4 Instruction and experience in editing technical and professional documents, including both print and online publications. Covers types of editing, the production process, and issues in editing. WR Professional Concerns 4 Course prepares students for job search by familiarizing them with employment documents e. Closed for general enrollment; contact Writing Center Director to apply. Provides an introduction to writing process, assignment design, and assessment.

Recommended for students planning to attend graduate school English or MAT. May be repeated once for credit. WR or consent of instructor. WR Writing for Publication 4 A survey of methods of publication and of markets for various kinds of writing.

Submission of actual manuscript for publication. May be taken twice if content is not repeated. WR Special Individual Studies Individual or special writing instruction in a specific form of writing under the guidance of a designated faculty member. WR Forms of Expository Prose 3 Intensive study and practice in analyzing and writing expository prose. Recommended for secondary teachers. Technical and Workplace WR Integrating Writing and Design WR Writing Across Media WR Editing and Style for Writers WR Professional Editing WR Maybe you have trouble writing where there is a lot of noise.

In that case, try writing in a quiet place like a library. Experiment and see what works best for you. Find a notebook to keep all of your writing in. You will also be able to go through all of your writing at once to see if you keep making the same mistakes.

Evernote is a website and smartphone app that helps organize your life. You can keep all of your writing in Evernote. Just start writing anything at all! Let your mind wander on the topic. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write the entire time. Once you get used to this, write for 10 minutes at a time. By keeping a personal journal diary in English, you will make sure you write every day.

It is a great way to practice writing multiple tenses. You will write in the past tense about all of the things you did during the day, and you will write in the future tense about the things you are planning to do tomorrow, for example.

When you know that you will write in your journal every day, you will probably start to think in English more often during the day. The first draft copy that you write is not going to be perfect.

Write one draft, and then go back and review it for mistakes. When you look for mistakes, you should make a list of your common mistakes in that notebook.

Then, when you edit your first draft, check for your most common mistakes. Once you have reviewed your writing, go back and write the entire thing again. When you rewrite it with the correct grammar, spellings and tenses, you will learn the corrections. Having someone else look at your work will improve your writing and give you new, creative ideas for how to express ideas in English.

If you want a more reliable way to have your writing corrected and are willing to pay for it, Editorr is a service that will edit a piece of writing within minutes. You can then compare the edited piece to your original one, and learn from it for the next time you write. Editorr has real, qualified editors working for them, so you can feel assured that the corrections you receive are accurate.

Say the word a few times and write it down. Say it until it sounds familiar to your ear. The next time you write, try to write at least one sentence with each new word. Whenever you look up a new vocabulary word in English, try to learn at least one word with the same meaning this is a synonym , and one that has the opposite meaning this is an antonym. By learning more than one word for each concept, you will be able to communicate better with native speakers when you write. Type in a word and the thesaurus will give you a list of synonyms in orange, and antonyms in grey.

Visual Thesaurus is another great resource you can use. This allows you to explore new words in an easy, fun way, while still getting access to definitions and examples for context.

When you look up new words, their synonyms and their antonyms, make flashcards for them. On one side of the flashcard, write the word. On the other side, write the meaning, part of speech noun, verb, adjective, etc. As I said earlier, reading and writing are connected, so reading more often in English will help you become a better writer.

Start out with simple books.


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In English, we do not use capital letters (large letters) very much. It is not correct or even polite to use a lot of capitals in English. But there are times when they are important. Spelling Rules The following rules can help you to decode the mysteries of English spelling.

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Practise your English writing skills at your level. Writing different types of texts, like emails, text messages, essays and letters, is a very important skill for many learners of English, especially those who are learning English for their work or studies.

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