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Which ESL News Articles Should I Choose for My Students?

❶Making decisions about what the newspaper should be and how to do it could be part of the lesson. World, entertainment, science, health and sports are a few of the exceptional topics your students can choose from.

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Key Elements of a Great Online News Resource
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And finally for a bit of fun ask each student to make a hat out of a sheet or two of newspaper!

However, Williams said she was not looking at the coach at the time and so did not cheat. Women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to drive. For nearly 30 years, there has been a law in Saudi Arabia that said women could not drive a vehicle. Many women and men protested the law. They said it was […]. Each of the three countries will host some of the games. One proposal is for Canada and Mexico to each host 10 games, and for the United States to host 60 games.

The leaders of these countries, plus representatives for the European Union, get together every year. That meeting is called a summit. Every summit is held at a different G7 country; this year, it was held in Quebec, Canada. At the summit, the leaders talk about issues that affect them all.

Some very good things happened at the G7 summit this year. That was a very surprising announcement. She is one of three main candidates vying for the spot of premier in the upcoming election. The other two main candidates are Doug Ford Jr. Four scientific studies, released last year, may help children make better choices about the food they eat. In one study, researchers from Ohio State University found that the amount of fast food children eat — things like burgers, fries and soft drinks — can affect how well they do in school.

The researchers compared eating habits and test scores for more than 11, students across the United States. Grade five students were asked how often they ate fast food, and then they were tested on reading, math and science. The students were tested again in grade eight.

The researchers found that students who had reported eating fast food four to seven times a week when they were in grade five performed worse on the grade eight tests than students who rarely ate fast food. No longer is she simply Meghan Markle, an actress and activist. Now, she will be known as the Duchess of Sussex. In front of a crowd of about people in St. NASA recently released new pictures of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. The photos were taken by the Juno spacecraft.

Many of the black-and-white images, sent back to Earth by Juno, have been colourized by people to better show the clouds swirling around the planet. The Juno spacecraft was launched in It was one step, but it represented the possibility of lasting peace for North and South Korea. It was a joining together not just of two leaders, but of two countries that have been at war for 65 years. Officially the two countries remained at war. A trade mission is when one country — in this case Canada — travels to another country in order to talk about increasing the amount of business between the two countries.

Typically, business owners and government officials go to another country, and meet with business owners and government officials there. They discuss ways the countries can work together. Mark Zuckerberg, the high-profile creator and CEO of social media website Facebook, is being asked a lot of tough questions by the US government.

US Senators were asking him how Facebook uses the personal information it collects on people who use the popular social media website. When people join Facebook and use it, they provide lots of information on themselves. Companies pay to use that information when they post advertisements. If they have information about a person — for instance, whether they have kids, or where they like to go on holiday — they can do a better job targetting ads at them.

Other people, who may be less honest, can sometimes use personal information to try to take advantage of people. A team of researchers in the United States spent a week looking through the garbage bags of 1, people living in Denver, New York and Nashville.

Start by deciding what sections will go in your newspaper. You can follow a regular newspaper format - sports, entertainment, weather, etc. Bringing in a real newspaper, or an example of another high-quality student newsletter, will help give students ideas about what sort of stories they want to write. What recent events at school could they write a story about?

Choose a newspaper template. Free templates are available online, as well as software created specifically for publishing school newspapers. Students interested in art can be assigned to edit and design the layout of the paper using the template you chose. Create assignments for the first issue of your newspaper.

Using the ideas your newspaper staff came up with in your first meeting, give each student an assignment for what they will write, photograph or otherwise contribute to the newspaper. Give a rough draft deadline as well as a final draft deadline, so there will be time to edit and correct the rough draft. If students are not yet skilled enough at typing, it may be faster for them to handwrite articles.

Handwritten articles can either be typed up by a teacher or older staff member, or scanned in as is for a more personal, less formal-looking newspaper. Proofread the entire newspaper before publishing. Do this at least a week ahead of publication, so there will be plenty of time for students to make changes if necessary. Be constructive and specific when explaining what changes need to be made, and praise students for what they did well.

Print and distribute your newspaper. Encourage students to bring copies home for their parents and relatives; family involvement is a key factor in developing literacy skills, and getting positive feedback from loved ones will inspire your students to continue participating.

Make time in class to read and talk about the newspaper, and invite students on the newspaper staff to share what they contributed. Print at least a few days before you plan to distribute, in case you run into any problems or delays with printing. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Children love seeing their name in print. To encourage readership, focus the newspaper content on the students themselves and try to include as many children as possible.

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Writing a Newspaper Article. Teach students to turn their research and interviews into vibrant, interesting stories. Grades. 3–5, 6–8. From. Most newspaper articles break down into two categories: News articles; Feature articles; You will also find opinion pieces, like editorials and book and movie reviews.

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Current events articles for teachers and students — Make sense of current events with free online resources for teachers. Toggle navigation Student News Daily Archives.

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Elementary Schools Should Start a Newspaper ; The Power of a Student Run Newspaper ; Is a Newspaper Still Relevant in a Digital Age ; Starting a Middle School Newspaper Newspaper Templates for Students. Students who need newspaper templates will enjoy using our Cloud Designer! We have hundreds of templates to use, . Breaking news bulletin: News articles are perfect for teaching ESL. Students are fascinated by international news, plus they'll learn new vocab and grammar.

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Nov 20,  · Edit Article How to Create a School Newspaper in Elementary School. Three Parts: Planning Your Paper Getting Students Involved Publishing Your First Issue Community Q&A School newspapers are a great way for elementary school students to learn about teamwork and time management while developing literacy skills%(30). What You Can Do With Newspapers. If you are not in an English speaking country you could print articles from news websites such as the BBC or CNN. For example; news at the front, classifieds at the back. Ask students to find an example of each in a newspaper. Students could also write a piece to illustrate one or more sections of a.