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❶Apart from this I would agree with Miller as Proctor has sacrificed his own freedom for the sake of his friends. Essay UK offers professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service.

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An allegation is also made against John Proctor for conjuring the devil. As a result of this he is put in jail. So this is why he confesses but rips up the paper he signed on. As a result Proctor is hung. Proctor made a sacrifice for his friends with his own freedom. Many people in Salem, especially Rebecca Nurse thinks he is noble and respects him a lot.

In general I think that it has been an interesting play to read about. This is why it has already been adapted to produce a film from it. From showing us that Proctor is a sinner, having affairs, to a noble and kind hearted person, who risked his own life for his friends. My reasons for this are that a hero should be noble and honest and Proctor is. However Proctor is said to have committed sin and is a fraud as he has had an affair with Abigail.

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There is more to the play than the witch trials, though. State Department of being members of the Communist Party Martine 8. Just a year earlier a witch in the nearby town of Beverly was executed and now the witch hysteria had spread to their village. The insanity that came about was an indication of the fear of "individual freedom" Miller 6.

In The Crucible, hysteria and hidden agendas break down the social structure and then everyone must protect themselves from the people that they thought were their friends. The church, the legal system, and the togetherness of the community died so that the girls and their families social status might be protected. The fact that Salem was a Puritan community did not help matters either.

Being isolated from any other group of people with different beliefs created a church led Puritan society that was not able to accept a lot of change. Anyone who was not in good standing with the church was not even allowed in the community Carey They believed God elected those who were to go to Heaven by the same token though they believed the Devil could choose his disciples also Carey Puritans deemed anything pleasurable was motivated by and came directly from the Devil.

When The Crucible was written, the American society was threatened by communism much like Salem was threatened by witchcraft Bly On September 23, , President Truman reported that the Soviet Union had developed an atomic bomb striking fear into the American nation Martine 8. Miller even acknowledged this fear when he said, " America had just finished fighting World War II with the help of the Soviet Union against the Germans and now they felt threatened by them, knowing not wether they were still allies or if another war was inevitable.

The puritans of Salem definitely believed in witches and gaurded against them just as the Bible told them so, executing them. Once a person was accused as a witch the only way to live was to turn back to God by repenting and revealing names of other witches so that they might repent or be vanquished Bly When he arrives in the town of Salem, Danforth sets in motion acts that "bring about an evil destructive state of chaos" Carey He believed he inherited his authority directly from God, and therefore carried on the witchhunt mercilessly Bly He did not give up easily; once he decided someone was a witch he would not rest until a confession was made as is evident in the following quote: Danforth may have had too much power also; being the Deputy Governor of Massachusetts, Danforth had the power to try, convict, and execute anyone he decide was a witch" Bly Miller uses Proctor as his character that defies the authority of the judges and their corrupt power Carey At the first of the drama Proctor is not conccerned with the witch madness or anything to do with the community.

I do not think I saw you at Sabbath meeting since snow flew" Miller America, entering into the cold war, felt that the threat of Communism was real and with World War II just ended and the fear of another possible war, Americans of the fifties did not want people whose "political ideology" was so rash, violent, and disagreeable with their way of living Carey Martine called them for what the were, and that was simply "witches" 9.

McCarthy was ruthless in his investigations; anyone who opposed his hearings or even criticized them was quickly defending himself on the charges that he was a communist Carey McCarthy also had power; in September , McCarthy was able to pass the McCarran International Security Act required that "all members of the Communist party register with the Justice Department and all communist-front organizations reveal their membership Martine 9.

Miller refused to name any names and was found in contempt of Congress. Miller imitates Proctor in this way of refusing to give in even though there would be consequences. In Salem, Massachusetts in , a dozen teenage girls and a black slave woman were caught dancing in the forest and were accused of being witches after two of them become sick.

Abigail is a devious girl which critic William Bly explains in his quote: She, and she alone, led the town of Salem in murdering 19 people, all accused of witchcraft. At the beginning of the drama, Reverend Parris stumbles upon the girls dancing naked and later he finds out they were not only dancing but also drinking charms and conjuring the dead.

Leonard moss realized this fact and speaks about it in the following quote: A total of 19 persons were hanged, 1 person was pressed to death, and two dogs were hanged for witchcraft during the Salem Witchcraft Trials Carey Judge Danforth sentecnced most including Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor for witchcraft and other immorality.

When Joseph McCarthy announced the contents of his blacklist in people started accusing others of being communist just like in Salem These further investigations go on to parallel that of the judges of the Salem trials and their efforts to find anyone guilty that they possibly could. People such as former U. The accusations by McCarthy were so powerful that President Truman himself decided to put in loyalty boards to keep communist out of America Miller 1.

McCarthy did not have enough evidence to convince an investigating committee, led by Senator Millard E. Get three points and get quotes from each text. You are studying a character, not a person.

You must see the character as a literary figure and not as if you are doing a psychological character profile. You are examining the literature merit of Iago's actions of power which effect's the play's outcome drastically. So what he does: So you have his manipulative side where he is always by Othello's side whispering things into his ear, making this and that up to break Othello's "armour" and this could be symbolised as Iago being the devil's advocate, it creates an alarming figure that Iago will stand by and get into people's head and break them down for his own hedonistic pleasure.

From showing this, you can then link this to how this is shown as powerful. Then you can bring in context with what Elizabethan society thought of religion the devil, temptation, deadly sins etc etc. That's A04 which plays a bigger part at A2 level. You should have 2 core texts one will be the Shakespeare and the 2nd one will be up to you and then the 3rd text with be your partnered text which you will use as a reference on how the 3rd text has illuminated your response and understanding of the other 2 texts you discuss is way more critical detail.

Also to get high, high marks defo use critical analysis theories and see what critics say. You will get so many marks for this. Follow 4 Original post by alishahussain I was just wondering if you could help me as I am currently doing my English coursework too on a topic similar to yours and on similar texts.

And my question is basically along the lines of "Compare and contrast the presentation of immorality in the texts". Although, I am not sure whether the question has to be more specific than this. Anyway, my points were: Though, I am thinking of changing the last point to something like the effects of immorality on the protagonists. So I was just wondering whether you could give me any pointers which may help me because you did a similar theme and texts. I am really worried that my points aren't related to my question and that there isn't really a process and argument.

Also, my teacher said to include a counter argument. So I was just wondering what your one was, if you had one? Follow 5 You could definitely get in a paragraph about female influence.

Follow 6 Original post by monurhussen Compare and contrast how Shakespeare, McEwan and Chaucer present their male protagonists in the 'Taming of the Shrew', 'Atonement' and 'The Miller's Prologue and Tale' Need some talking points, almost giving up.

Follow 7 Iago is the most intelligent and socially powerful person in his world. This is fairly obvious, but he is also a nihilist, believing in nothing - a trait unusual among psychopaths since many of them are narcissists and believe that they should possess all of the power.

The contrast to this however is Othello. He was of the same or lower class as Iago within Venetian society Yes I know he says he was royal back in his country, but he isn't there for the entirety of the play, so its irrelevant yet rose to power and fame through his skills as a leader, something that a true psychopath like Iago would not be able to do.

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The Crucible Coursework Essay The Crucible was written in by the playwright Arthur Miller. It is an allegory of the McCarthy ‘witch-hunts’ which occurred during the. GCSE English Coursework: The Crucible The Crucible. Arthur Miller, ‘The Crucible’ is a play based upon the events of Salem, Massachusetts in

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‘The Crucible’ is a play written by Arthur Miller in the ’s. It is a play based on the Salem witch trials. It is fictionally retelling the events that occurred in the 17th century. Free coursework on Mccarthyism In The Crucible from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing.