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Obesity in Western Culture

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❶We believe that people who come here are entitled to wear and eat and pray to whatever god they want.

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As you can see, by these two descriptions, there is more of a religious aspect in the culture of Islam than there is in Western culture. I would argue that is not the variations of each culture the tension; but more of the traditions within each culture. From living in Western society it can be observed on a daily basis as a culture that promotes individuality and freedom to choose the way in which you live your life i. Whereas, in the culture of Islam there is little variation in the way you are to live your life and are dedicated to serving Allah God in every aspect of your life.

In Islam some practices include: Government of Western Australia, The friction can be seen in the news today, specifically, in a Canadian context of the Syrian Refugees. We believe that people who come here are entitled to wear and eat and pray to whatever god they want. But in everything that matters, we expect them to behave like us. Showing that Westerners are tolerant of others as long as they conform to our standards and behave like us.

In conclusion, there will always be differences between Eastern and Western culture that cause friction, but neither culture is superior to. In the Western culture, the boss is accepted as the usual worker, which can even be your friend and you can drink the beer with him after hard working day. But in the Eastern culture, the boss is the wisest person in the organization and people really respect him.

The more detailed information you can get in the essay on cultural diversity, ordering it on our site, If we compare the transport system, we will see this picture. For example, in people from the West used a lot of cars, but at the same time, people from the East used the bicycles. If we compare the year , we will see, that situation has changed.

People from the East use a lot of cars, at that time, when people from the West try to use a lot of bicycles. If people went abroad, you can notice, that people from the West just look everything and try to visit every famous place.

At the same time, people from the East have a lot of cameras and try to film everything they see. If we compare the meals, it is possible to see, that people from the West like eating different east food, at that time, when the people from the East like to eat the European cuisine. All of you know, that people from the West cannot imagine their life without coca cola.

They can drink it every day. But at the same time, the famous drink between the people from the East is tea. They have a lot of sorts and it is possible to purchase this product in the shop. The prices are high, but you can be sure, that you are drinking the real tea.

As we have a lot of work every day, we can notice, that usually we eat hot soup or something like it only 1 time per day. But people from the East can eat the hot dish 3 times per day. Get a nice discount for your first order! Place your order right now and forget about your worries with writing. Keep in touch If you have any questions or offers to improve our service, you are welcome to contact us following the form below.

All rights reserved - Individuals who are obese have a much higher amount of body fat than is healthy or recommended. Thus, negative stereotypes and stigmas are placed upon the obese, further strengthening heir label of deviancy. In a recent study conducted by Yale University, the perceived social consensus on attitudes toward obese people was tested.

Three experiments were created towards educating the participants on the issue of obesity in hope of reducing the bias stereotypes and stigmas our society has successfully created towards the obese. Puhl, Shwartz, Brownell, Thus, if we as a society take greater acknowledgment in the causes of obesity and perhaps even empathize towards those labeled as obese; the idea of obesity as being a form of deviance could potentially shift throughout the long term.

According to David F. As modern technology continues to develop and treatment options further increase, obesity becomes more and more deviant throughout society. Although ndergoing plastic surgery has not yet attained complete social acceptance, procedures such as liposuction reduce the consequence of the obese being labeled deviant due to their status.

In contrast, the way obese people perceive and view themselves is largely impacted by the constant discrimination and criticism carried out by society at large. Although it can be said that in the presence of other obese people there is a greater sense of acceptance and understanding, the self-representation of obese people is generally negative and painful.

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Western Culture. Western culture predominantly promotes adolescence as a preparatory stage in life, when the teen must begin to construct the foundations for a successful adulthood.

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India is land of Diversity. Our country has various languages, religion, culture, tradition etc. various elements of Indian culture such as Indian books on philosophy, Indian cuisine, yoga etc. have created an impact all over the world. Western culture is also called European civilization, Western.

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Western Culture Essay Western Culture and over other 29,+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!. Autor: people • December 19, • Essay • Words (2 Pages) • Views. The essay on western culture mainly concerns the developed countries such as the United States of America and Europe. Arguably, the western culture is perceived by various scholars as superior to that of the underdeveloped nations of the world.

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Essay on Race and Western Culture. them, racial injustice and inequality were not overcome. Western Culture Transcends Geography and Race Since Western culture is based on objective reality and universal human nature, it is open to everyone, transcending both geography and race (George Reisman, ). Western culture and policies have shaped the modern world, especially the Middle East, in many ways. Since the sixteenth century, the nations of Western civilization have been the driving wheels of modernization.