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write about your best friend

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❶Peter put his arm around her and pulled her close to him. Wiggly is a worm.


Mostly during the day. We try to spend as much time hanging out and playing in-between getting home and going to bed. Any chance she gets, its all about chasing balls. Usually after a big session of playing we relax on the couch with a schmacko, I rub her belly and we watch TV. She has many names I call her though. But her real name is Pixar. She likes almonds and sweet potato and is frightened of anything that has hummus on it.

All she ever asks for is some food, a walk and the occasional belly scratch. Cute dog, I see the one pic with the plastic collar, my dog who is a 12 year old miniature pinscher had to wear one of those last week its so crazy they want to take it off.

He is healing up from a problem with his paw and nail. Hey Raymond, Yeah, she was not happy for the few days she had to wear it. Hope your little guy is doing okay now. Have a great Xmas mate. Your story reminded me of this: There is nothing in this world like our dogs. They are brilliant in their simple complexities.

And as I sat there crying, along came my pup and climbed into my lap and nibbled my hand with her mouth…and then reach up and smacked me in the face with her paw….

Thats an adorable post and an adorable dog So nice when our pets give us so much joy. A lovely piece mate….. Thanks for a good laugh and more of your insights into your life. Pixar is my dog and this week she turns 5 years old. Peak friendship no offence. A soulmate AU where your favorite quote from your soulmate is written on your skin. When your soulmate says the quote the writing changes to a soft pink and it says who the quote was said by.

You lied flat on the fluffy mattress of your bed at Cair Paravel. You held your arm above your head. You stared at it thoughtfully, specifically your wrist.

You stared at the black writing on your wrist. Even before you could read. You remembered seeing blurry black marks on your arm. Of course your early memories were not very clear, causing the marked to look blurry.

It was apparently going to be your favorite quote from your soulmate. Earlier in your life you had no clue what it meant. Your soulmate had to be someone who knew about Narnia. As you were staring at the writing your best friend, Edmund came in the room. He have you a warm, friendly smile. You had no clue if Edmund was your soulmate.

You hoped he was. The words on your wrist seemed like something he would say. Immediately you and Edmund left the room. A walk along the beach, a riding horses, then a dinner. For the walk on the beach you and Edmund had prepared a large bucket of salt water to throw at them both. For the horse riding you both got a snake to scare the horses.

And finally for the dinner you and Edmund had been able to add something… A little extra… to the food. Now it was just time to put the plan into action. First the salt water bucket. When you and Edmund threw it on them the expression on their faces were priceless.

Peter glanced around the area for you and Edmund. Next was the horse ride. At first it was going well for them. Peter and the princess had changed clothes, and the horses were trotting at a steady pace. Until Edmund released a snake into the grass. The snake startled the horses, making them go up on their hind legs. Peter and the princess were thrown off their horses. Then the horses ran off. Last but most definitely not least, the dinner.

The table was candlelit. And it gave off a romantic aura. Then they bit into their food. The food was either mixed with, filled with, or covered in mud and sand. The princess made an expression of pure disgust. That was the last straw. Peter stood there stunned for a few seconds. Then he balled his hand into a fist and his teeth grinded together. It was obviously directed towards you and Edmund.

Both of you ran as fast as you could in the opposite direction from Peter. You and Edmund then sat on a stone bench next to a fountain, talking about random things. And books were a few examples. Then Edmund saw a butterfly land on the ground nearby. Edmund looked back at you. You pulled down your sleeve, revealing your wrist.

You watched the words written there slowly turn a soft pink. You looked back at Edmund, you were more calm now. Edmund just sat there in shock. You saw Edmund do the same thing you did. He pulled down his sleeve and stared at the writing on his wrist. And just like you, the writing on his write changed into a soft pink. You saw a dash appear under the words followed by that your name.

Edmund looked at you in surprise. Tears built up in his eyes. Edmund tackled you with a hug. You just barely kept yourself from falling over. You felt tears build up in your own eyes.

You hugged Edmund back tightly. You both pulled away from the hug to look at each other. The other cupped your face as he gently stroked your cheek with his thumb. And just as naturally, you and Edmund leaned closer to each other. Your noses brushed against each other. Your lips were barely not touching his. Edmund closed his eyes as he gentle pressed his lips against yours.

You smiled against his lips and kissed him back. Edmund slowly pushed you down on the stone bench deepening the kiss.

You leaned upward trying to kiss back more. Edmund pulled away and peppered your face with kisses. You giggled quietly as Edmund did this. You nodded in agreement. Edmund place yet another kiss on your lips. Peter cleared his throat loudly. Edmund pulled away from you for need of air. Peter stood there awkwardly. He was silent for a moment.

You pushed Edmund away gently. Where would i begin to amass as much knowledge about fae as you have lol?? There are so many crosses between cultures and eras that it's really hard to pin down a Solid Source haha.

Also fairytales and folklore are generally pretty short? You end up with huge huge variation. General thoughts and some info. Be prepared to give it a lot of your time, too.

Could you write one about being cheated on by someone you put all your trust and faith into and never being able to trust them or anyone that way again? Could you write something about being cheated on by your best friend and your first boyfriend?

Could you write a smutty one shot about walking into your best friends house harry obviously and he is kinda horny. Maybe even msturbating idk. And then he tries to take you to his bedroom! You two had made plans for the first time in weeks. Both of your schedules finally free. You sigh, twisting the knob to his house. You are relieved when the door opens. You and Harry have been friends since primary school, only becoming closer as the years went on.

The house sounded quiet, his car was in the driveway so you knew he was home. When you see no sign of him you start up the stairs. His bathroom door is already open as you peep around the corner.

The sight you witness makes your jaw drop. Harry is stood at the edge of the bathtub, his hair wet as if he had just gotten out of the shower.

His large hands stroke his shaft. His eyes were closed and his breathing was shallow. You try to look away but there was something about the sight that intrigued you. He was so attractive there was no doubt about that but you never were willing to ruin your guys relationship. He groans as his hand rubs up and down your back, lowering to your bum eventually. He pulls away from you, looking at you in the eyes with his lustful ones.

You had seen him naked before, as he had you. When you two were in secondary school you were curious, 17 was a weird age to be at the time. He backs you up against the bathroom counter, his member still hard and bulging through his towel. His lips meet yours, he moans at the contact. Your hand moves to the towel that is tied around him, will one tug it falls to the ground. You grasp him in your hand, pumping multiple times as his lips part in the kiss which allows you more access to his mouth.

He starts to pant and move his hips against your hand, his arousal causing your core to moisten. You pull away from his lips, slowly sliding down his body to your knees. Leaving multiple kisses down his torso until you are eye level with his dick. He hisses as you do. Moving your head back and forth while taking more of him into your mouth. Your hand still stroking his base.

His hand moves to the back of your head, roughly grabbing your hair. You moan with him still in your mouth and he sucks a quick breath in. You continue to bob your head, slowly then quickly. Teasing him by going painfully slow when you could tell he was getting close. Finally you continue at a quick pace his moans becoming louder and his hand pushing against the back of your head in instinct. His moans are loud and erratic as he released into your mouth. You gag as your take him as deep as you can.

His hand tightening in your hair while she pleas for you to stop. You pull away from him, giving his dick a quick kiss on the tip before standing to your feet. His eyes still lustful as you come face to face with him again. He is still trying to catch his breath and he grasps your upper arm. He smirks up at you while ripping your pants down your legs.

He backs you up to the bed, laying you down a the edge so your legs are still hanging off. Your pants are removed the rest of the way and he lowers down to give your inner thighs light kisses.

You groan, he know how you feel about teasing. You feel his lips smirks against your thigh. He pulls your underwear to the side and gives your clit a kiss. It was kind of your guys thing. You squirm anticipating what came next. He slides your underwear all the way off. His tongue darts out of his mouth and you moan when it meets your core. He swirls it around the nub, your thighs on either side of his head, hanging down his back.

He moves further down to your entrance, your thighs tighten around his head as his tongue darts in your entrance. He moves back to your clit, hitting all the right spots until you come undone. His name falling from your lips as his tongue flicks your clit.

He moves back up to your head after you finish a smirk on his face as he kisses your sweaty neck. Originally posted by kinky-1d. The first time you saw the writing on your arm, you were ten. You knew what it was, of course. At the time, it excited you. A person out there who existed just to be with you! But now, looking at the writing that had appeared on your arm, you felt nervous. You stared at it for a moment, trying to decide whether or not to respond. Finally, before you could lose your nerve, you grabbed a sharpie out of your pencil pouch and scribbled something in response.

You tried to think of a question to ask Michael. The way soulmates worked, you knew that any attempts to learn where he lived or how old he was would blur out and be unreadable. Unfortunately, those were the two questions that were buzzing through your mind.

Finally you wrote, Do you like superheros? After that day, you and Michael wrote all the time. You began carrying around a thing of makeup wipes so that you could wipe your arm off when you ran out of room to write. You learned everything you could about your soulmate. He was your best friend, your confidant. But it was then that the pieces began to fall into place.

You were a fan of Dear Evan Hansen before it hit the mainstream. You loved the cast, both the regulars and the understudies. With so many men named Michael in the cast though, it was only natural that your friends made jokes about it. But that conversation got you thinking.

What if you were lucky enough to have one of the DEH cast as your soulmate? You tried to find out from Michael. You and Michael had worked out a code phrase to use if you ever stumbled across people with your names. After that conversation, it only solidified the idea in your head that your Michael was in Dear Evan Hansen. Specifically, that your Michael was Michael Lee Brown.

You were eighteen now, and sitting in your English class. You looked up guiltily. Sure enough, someone on your dash had reblogged an article about it. Without a thought, you pulled up the Dear Evan Hansen website and purchased a ticket to the matinee.

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My first best friend is my mother. She plays with me and I also play with her. My second best friend is my uncle. He plays with me everyday. My third best friend is my grandfather. My fourth best friend is my grandmother. My fifth best friend is my aunt. My sixth best friend is Rayan. My seventh best friend is Mormi.

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My Best Friend We may be able to have a hundred or a thousand friends, or even more. But there is only one friend who really has loyalty on you if . Once my friend said he wanted to write a letter to his friend. But when he took pen to scribble on paper, he wasn&#;t able to write anything. He went to his mother and told his dilemma to her.

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In, I plan to write about the lovely experiences I had passed through my life with my best friend, Nick. A humorous, mischievous but intelligent and handsome guy. At twenty five, he is the most gorgeous man I have set my eyes on and I do hope that someday we'll marry and have a family. She helps me through my toughest times, and is there for my best times. It's hard to find a friend like that. You may just have good friends that you can count on sometimes, but to be dependable on a person and knowing they will be there for you, it's hard to find someone like that.