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Forest Conservation

How to save forests?

❶Climate, soil type, topography, and elevation are the main factors that determine the type of forest. Both tangible and intangible benefits from the forest are then held up to the people.

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Why save the forest?
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Conservation of Forest- Essay for Student and Slogan

To get out from this problem people of the world should have to plant the trees and the they have to conserve the forest for good nature. In the world there are many of the causes by which the forest can be lost and the global warming of the world can be increase, and the main reason of this accident can be the Industrialization in the states. In the areas of the city in which there is the many number of the industry, by which there are the any source of the water have get reduced and if there is no water then there no life and it is said that rivers and streams, exploitation of our hill forests indiscriminately to meet the ever-increasing needs of population, the indiscriminate lopping, grazing and fires have resulted in a great loss to the country in the form of soil erosion, floods, and damage to the regeneration.

By the industry the forest get harm in the biggest manner. Because the smoke which get out from the companies has fulfill from the many of the acidic and the toxic chemicals have mixed.

Because of the increasing number of the industries it is seeking that he there is the no of the trees and the forest are get to end in the world and by this our ecosystem have comes in the term endangered.

If one should want to live happy and with the free oxygen life then he has to plant the trees as much as he can do. In the nineteenth century the people of the world were not aware from this situation that they will get this problem in the future that is in the 20th century of the world. They started to plant the industry and they started to cut the forest in from all the areas and this in the result that we are getting the problem for the ecosystem of the nature.

We have to conserve the forest for the protection of the forest and the floods that means if we plant the tress then it will save the soils also. Planting the tress and by consecrating the forest it is get help to save the soil from the erosion at the time of the floods which is big problem in the rainy areas. Forest helps the environment to get clean and it provide the main source for the living of the all the living things that is the oxygen.

Forest can control the global warming from the nature and it will be the main and important reason for the cleanliness of the environment and coolant of the nature. The conservation of the forest can prevent the crops or the cultivation from the storms, because the storms are the so fast that it can blow all the agriculture and it destroyed the crops but planting the trees and consecrating the forest it will get prevent.

Trees help in to decrease the global warming. So everyone knows that the global warming is increasing, so everyone should plant the tree. I love helping Aspirants. You may join me on Facebook. Will not be published Required. You can use these html tags: Tags Conservation of Forest.

About the Author Sandeep. India got freedom from the British rule on date In , mines were working in India of which were non-coal mineral mines and were coal mines, all employing nearly 7,45, persons.

The pollution and health hazards consequent on the open mining methods, as well as the slime disposal of underground mines pose a big problem. Ecological measures are badly needed to prevent soil wash, prevention of noise and dust and other forms of pollution. A far reaching development was that of Kudremukh Iron Ore Co. The Bababudangiri Iron Ore Project has tried to inbuilt the environmental measures within the project cost.

Extensive implementation of social forestry would mean the improvement in climatic conditions, betterment of the environment, and building up of enormous potential for energy resources without detriment to the present resources and providing employment to thousands.

The large scale cultivation of bamboo, a much sought after material both by the rich and the poor, would add to increased resources. Treated bamboos offer excellent raw material for housing of low-income groups. In the matter of conservation of wild life our country has done a commendable work in total banning of shooting and initiating establishment of sanctuaries and National Parks including the prestigious Project Tiger which has also produced encouraging results.

The conservation of other species like crocodiles, and garials and reptiles and fish which are threatened of extinction need to be stepped up. Crocodile farming has been an outstanding success in places like Bangkok, and India should step up such projects. A more intensive vigilance is needed to protection of wild life especially around project areas.

Our elephant population has been dwindling, though reports of rampage by elephants are made out in such a way as to make people believe that their number has increased. In reality it is the other way and man has encroached on their habitat and they are perforce to head into the agricultural fields for food. In recent years a pernicious practice has developed where the herd are followed with or without the help of the local tribals and males are killed for ivory. It is found that there has been a gradual reduction in the number of male animals in elephant herds.

The Karnataka-Kerala-Tamil Nady complex has been the home of these pachyderms. The submergence of large chunks of forests has deprived these animals and other wild life undisturbed habitat. Against this background, it was proposed nearly ten years ago to develop an integrated National Park called Jawahar National Park including Bandipur, Mudumalai sanctuaries of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu of the area abutting these in Kerala.

But it is unfortunate that some considerations have come in the way of integrating these three areas. When this is done there can be no better effort in conservation of wild life and with the interest the Prime Minister has in this it is hoped it will materialize. Even the Rhinos have to get a better deal than what they are getting now.

The denudation in the Himalayan Region and consequential floods calls for an international programme of watershed management aided by all the adjacent countries — Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangla Desh and Bhutan.

Controlled forestry policy backed by political will, with a long-range view and not a primitive outlook towards forest, is needed today. Our forest policy should, therefore, result in a large share of resources being allocated to rural a forestation programme directly benefiting the large percentage of the people. These could create enormous employment opportunities.

Technology and expertise is not lacking in our country for handling these challenges and for providing clear habitat, water and air to our people. Otherwise we could not be able to conserve our resources.

The sorry spectacle of clearance of large extents of primeval tropical forests by long leases in the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region has led to a serious set-back in the ecological balance and shortage of potential resources. It is, therefore, fondly hoped that India will forge ahead as one of the leading developing countries not only in conserving but also in the all-round development of our natural resources.

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Essay on “Conservation of Forests” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

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Forest Conservation Essay Intro Forest Conservation is the practice of planting and maintaining forested areas for the benefit and sustainability of future generations. Around the year in the United States, forest conservation became popular with the uses of natural resources.

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Essay Water Conservation. Water Use and Conservation Report Thesis This report will firstly present and express the importance of water before going about expounding the various ways in . Importance of Forest Conservation Essay. intimately connected with the forests. Forests have had a great influence on human thought and way of living. For example, the Vedas and Upanishads, the oldest known religious, philosophical and literary monuments of mankind are the .

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Conservation of Forest- Essay for Student and Slogan Important of Forest Conservation: Forest is the most important for the protection and the stability of the earth’s atmosphere and the global warming. The forests are the essential for the human in the living manner of the world in the areas of the home. The forests of India are unique, in the sense that the types of forests found in the various regions of the country, vary widely, thus forming a conglomeration of forest types within the nation. There are various varieties of trees, from sal to pine and from neem to teak.