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Juvenile Justice Essay

Should Juvenile Criminals be tried as Adults? (Argumentative Essay)

❶I dropped out of school.

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Key Legal Decisions and Juvenile Justice Policy

In reality it is true yet if the right treatment, care, or even help is given to the child a juvenile can grow to have a very successful life. If you contact a crisis hotline or counselor you might be able to get your child the help they need. It may just be a case of your child needs someone to talk to about life. Or it may be a case of child is being abused at home you never know until the child can have someone who they feel is not out to get them. Someone they can trust and tell their feelings to.

If it is a case of neglect try and find an outreach program. Find afterschool activities they can participate in. Maybe even find a big brother or big sister program which would help the child feel like they are not being avoided or neglected at home.

In I personally was hospitalized because of supposed mental illness. It was found I was suffering from boredom because lack of interest in anything everyone else was doing. I grew up in Chicago we were not in the best of neighborhoods.

It was basically gang family than central. You were always afraid to leave the house because of the shooting that occurred every night.

Speaking of the gangs the reason a lot of youths join gangs is because they are very accessible. They feel that a lot of the members are more like they are their own flesh and blood. The youngsters get more attention than at home even though it may be the wrong type of attention. They also feel like they have power and independence and can shy away from the authority figures in their lives. It is an escape from reality however grim it may be.

Some have joined gangs because of poverty level in the house, abuse, neglect or even to avoid reality. They do as they please and whatever they please. With the gangs crime rates go up, drug distribution and use is higher. You will have this wherever you go no matter how far away you seem to think you move away from it.

It will happen whether you want it to or not. It is happening more and more every day. This is where interventions need to come into play. There has been a decrease in jobs the job market and a decrease in income all together from companies downsizing, laying off employees.

The lack of unemployment insurance has not help the federal government has made it harder on the companies to keep up with operations due to increase in taxes and layoffs.

Even the working man or woman can hardly afford to work because so much of it is being taken in taxes or it is going towards fuel in their vehicles which is ridiculously high.

This is making it hard for the families to care for their children properly. They can hardly afford the food on the table and put a roof over their heads. It also makes it hard for families to have time together due to a family having to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

Also it is one of the leading causes of divorce and increase in juvenile crime rate. Bullying has gone on for years and poverty has as well. So the bullying will continue for the less fortunate unfortunately. Why is it the less fortunate get bullied, you may ask. Bullying is another reason boys are more susceptible.

Some may just feel it is a way of life. Unless their parent have instilled better morals and family values into their children. We can expect children to become more and more deviant to try and test the waters of the juvenile justice system. Some may want to learn right from wrong but others will just follow the path of others for the chance of fitting in. The children may be able to overcome these obstacles if they are in a higher economic standard.

Yet, it is very difficult when you do not have the means or the background to do so. School, home, and up bringing has a lot to do with juvenile behavioral norms. It is like this all over the country no matter where you are you will find out the grass is not always greener on the other side. Society has painted an awful picture of what things should be important and what is not.

The lower classes try to put emphasis on family first but are afraid to show that they are in need of help. Gender, class; race, ethnicity, and delinquency are all linked together in many ways.

Yet, it is not because no matter what social class you are in the temptation of doing wrong is still there. There is always a person of any social, ethnical, racial background has the chance of becoming delinquent. Depending on whom they hang out with or the feeling of having to prove yourself, it does not matter who you are.

Yes the lower class has more of a susceptible chance of becoming delinquent because of financial hardship, family hardship, or even emotional hardship, but there is always that chance of it hitting the middle class and upper-class too.

Everyone has their own personal opinions that the lower class is all the problems of deviance. There is too much that can disprove this theory. If a middle or upper-class juvenile has been exposed to the gangs, and trouble in school or even if there is divorce in the family. The juvenile has the temptation to rebel and act out their behavior inappropriately. So where is the difference really except for the financial aspect? Ethnicity, they say more non-white juveniles are a lot more deviant than whites.

This deviance is due to a cultural up bringing rather than color or race. If you were brought up to be a gangster or hang out with those who were social deviants it is your choice whether you want to follow that path or not.

It is more of an emotional burden than anything else. When it comes to being socially normal all people should be seen as the same color and treated the same as everyone else. It is also said that males are more susceptible to be caught in deviant behavior. This could be true. Females tend to try to stay out of trouble and just date the mischievous ones. Females do not have the overwhelming sensation to prove themselves in troublesome way.

Females usually are more concerned about popularity in school and their clothing they wear. The reason some females act out in a deviant way is because of social upbringing and their need to fit in and it is only as a last ditch effort to prove they are the best. Females usually act out in a sexual manner. The feeling of conformity to society is usually what brings in the deviant behavior. If society is overrun by gang type activity, violence, and other crime related activity you are more likely to have deviant childish behavior.

It is if a monkey sees a monkey must do society we all live in. They are not psychologically stable and cannot react adequately to the pressure and can take revenge at their discretion. Some teenagers have problems with the hormone system that makes them aggressive and not controllable.

Some mental illness as schizophrenia, for example, start to reveal itself at the puberty age. In this case, children are not even responsible for their actions. After being taken to prison, they often become even more aggressive. Such unfortunate experience of being in the damping environment for years cannot go away without leaving a trace.

Children are also easily influenced. In case they happen to find themselves among the wicked people, they are most likely to behave in a similar way not to lose the respect. So, usually, the reasons come from the background of the children. The ones who are responsible for it, are the parents and teachers who did not notice the suspicious behavior signaling of the danger.

It is very unfair and terrible to punish the young people who have not even realized what they were doing. Moreover, such cases usually could have been prevented, if the parents were more attentive to the behavior and changes in their kids. The most important for the developing body and soul is the healthy environment in the family, trusting relationships, feeling that you are supported and always will be accepted the way you are and that you will always get a helping hand.

This is all the vital things the busy modern world lacks. So, instead of punishing the not grown up teenagers for committing the crimes, it is better to do everything possible to prevent them.

Several programs are already implemented but still have to be used more often to help to avoid antisocial habits among children or teenagers. Among them is a mentoring program that means creating a group or pairs of people. Some of them have more experience, power and have a positive influence on the others because they are older and successful Campbell-Tolan Another program is called school interventions.

The Afterschool Recreation programs are also attractive and very pleasant for the young people since they include visiting historical and cultural places, walking in the parks, playing games with the peers and having picnics on the open air. The results of these programs are very impressive, and this confirms that a lot of problems could have been omitted if the proper actions were taken on time. Unlike the adults, who are usually mentally stable and realize what they are doing, the children are driven by emotions and family background they were exposed to.

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Juvenile Justice essays In the society we live in today, juvenile justice is a nation wide concern of law enforcement. However to what extent the laws and penalties used towards the youth of today has been a major focus of many criminologists and organizations around the nation.

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The Juvenile Justice System is defined as that "sociolegal process having responsibility and authority for public reaction to current juvenile delinquency and deterrence of future juvenile delinquency, including within that process the public and private agents, agencies, laws, rules, and policies having to do with juvenile delinquency"(Weiner.

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Juvenile Justice Essay Juvenile justice has always been a controversial question because some people consider that children should be tried for crimes the same way the adults are since the harm is usually the same and, sometimes, the consequences are even more dramatic. Juvenile Justice System Essay Examples. 53 total results. An Argument in Favor of Implementation of the JV Juvenile System in the US. words. The Flaws in the Juvenile Justice System in the State of Massachusetts. 3, words. 7 pages. An Analysis of the Right Trial for Juvenile .

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The History and Evolution of the Juvenile Justice System Essay - The history of the juvenile justice system is a mixture of the criminal justice system, family court, child protective services, social services, orphanages, adoption and humanitarian growth. All those factors and others imply that the juvenile justice system should be coherently different from the adult criminal justice system. The rationale for behind giving special handling with young offenders is the idea of parens patriae (the state as parent).