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Self Concept Essay Essay

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Saturday, October 15, 2011
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Essay on Jealousy and Selfishness

Soon caught in this blatant attempt to steal meat, Cephu was brought in front of the whole tribe:. At an impromptu trial, Cephu defended himself with arguments for individual initiative and personal responsibility. The rest of the camp sat in silent agreement.

He apologized, handed over his meat to the tribe and then, essentially, was sent to bed without dinner. As Johnson explains, selfishness is considered far from a virtue in such tribal groups, which still live in ways similar to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Indeed, every such group ever studied has been found to idealize altruism and punish selfishness, in everything from their mythologies to their mating practices.

Although Rand accepted that early human life was a collective effort, she failed to realize how this shaped our brains. In most societies, for example, a man like Cephu would be seen as the opposite of a good catch for a woman wanting a partner.

He would have been altruistic in battle too, particularly when warring with other groups. A selfish soldier, after all, is known as a coward, not a hero. They are ruder and less generous. They don't get what others are thinking and apparently they don't really care. Emerson saw the United States as being infected with "selfishness, fraud and conspiracy Emerson.

Galapagos the Dangers of a Self-Aware Big. Many of Vonnegut's books center around how humans believe they are the most divine creations in the universe and act from that presumption as well. The arrogance is crippling. This is a main theme in his novel, Galapagos. Yes, the end of the world may be an event that is out of humanity's control, but more than likely, humans are going to contribute to their own destruction and have no one to blame but themselves.

He values humility, compassion, and what it is to be humane, to have humane thoughts, and perform humane actions. Kurt Vonnegut writes to tell us that if humans do not become less selfish and more selfless as a species, it will be their doom. This is true for the novel Galapagos. People who lack…… [Read More]. Bell Tolls it Is a. Neither the General's instructions nor Pablo's reluctance, however deter Jordan from his commitment to the Loyalist cause. Thus, with the aid of Pablo's courageous woman, Pilar, and his trusted guide, Anselmo, Jordan stays focused on the objective of blowing up the bridge.

Indeed, Hemingway casts Jordan in the role of the archetypical war hero who is bent on accomplishing his task in spite of severe doubts over the viability of the mission and the sincerity of the Communist Loyalist leaders: Robert Jordan, therefore, is the antithesis of men like General Golz and Pablo, thereby allowing Hemmingway to highlight the difference between idealism and cynicism; selflessness and selfishness.

Besides confronting his own moral dilemmas, Jordan's mission is made more dangerous by…… [Read More]. The viewpoint being espoused expresses some wonderful ideas but fails to take into consideration the basic selfishness of man. Expecting the kind of cooperation and dedication that would be necessary to accomplish what is being suggested in this scenario is highly idealistic. It would require the putting aside of both national interests and personal interests on a scale much larger than that necessary for the United Nations to operate.

Suggesting that this might be possible is unrealistic. In the short-term, the world's energy supply system will remain essentially as it is for the next several decades except that the demand in growth will continue due to sustained modernization in China, India and elsewhere. This means that new sources of oil and other energy sources need to be developed alongside strides in energy efficiency.

Bernard of Clairvaux and Erich. One touching simile described by Jeanie Burton in this sermon is that of a child coming into her father's room and climbing onto his lap. When the father asked the child what he could do for her, the child merely says, nothing, I just wanted to feel close to you, father. This is exactly what one will feel for God at this stage of loving Him. This shows one's ability to get out of one's own self in order to love God just for what He is.

This is an extremely surprising and radical viewpoint, and the fact that a theologian discovered it in the twelfth century is in itself quite amazing. Jeanie Burton, the preacher of this sermon, stated that…… [Read More]. Fault and Innocence in Tillie. Yet the reader can easily piece together this scenario: That the daughter had been shuffled out of the way in favor of romance is made evident by the fact that once she returns she is severely marginalized by her mother's relationship with her stepfather.

For example, they frequently leave this little five-year-old home alone when they go out together at night -- something that by modern standards is considered abusive. In fact, Emily is obviously traumatized by this, and becomes frightened and delusional. This overwhelming fear is made worse when her mother gives birth to a second child. When her sister is born, Emily is entirely pushed aside in favor of the newcomer. One cannot easily justify her mother's selfishness in this case.

When her…… [Read More]. Romantic Monster The Human Within. Yet, we also see that he still does not understand the true origin of the beast -- the human within. The fact that he dies before he is successful, yet the monster obviously goes off to end his own fate, indicates that the evil both originated, and eventually died with him -- the true source from which it sprang. Although it is definitely true that Hugo's famous Quasimodo is a bit more innocuous than the Frankenstein monster, he nonetheless evokes a certain horror if only in appearance.

Yet, much like in Shelley's work, Hugo brings out the monster that is human nature within the other character's interactions, motivations, and actions in the story. There is little question that Hugo fully intended Quasimodo to evoke horror in…… [Read More]. Terrorism There Are a Number. Fundamentally, the insurgents are fighting an enemy with superior weaponry, technology, and resources, so therefore, must seek avenues to mitigate these disadvantages. In other words, insurgent forces out vastly outdone in the traditional aspects of warfare, so they are forced to resort to unconventional modes of attack.

Early in his book, the Army and Vietnam, Krepinevich provides the broad game plan an insurgent force must follow to achieve final victory: As developed by Mao in China and adapted by Giap in Vietnam, contemporary insurgency is a third world phenomenon comprising three phases: Tragedy of Commons and Clean.

The solution that Hardin proposes is that of a coercive method; as always he gives a lucid example to support the point that he proposes. Hardin reminds the reader that society mutually agreed to make it illegal to rob banks, rather than appeal to the sense of responsibility to those who wish to rob banks as a means of deterring them. Bank robbers real and potential know that very immediate consequences await them, such as police chases which could end in injuries or fatalities, jail time and other comparable results.

These consequences are real and immediate because they're reinforced by the state, the judicial system and by the police force. This form of coercion prevents more people from attempting to rob banks. Our natural resources of water need to be treated as though they're as valuable as banks filled with money.

Dumping chemicals such as fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and personal care…… [Read More]. Social Psychology and the Beliefs. These ideas introduced by Freud about the psychological price paid by people living in society would later be part of the views of several other 20th century sociological…… [Read More]. Man the State and War A Theoretical. Man, the State, and War: Kenneth Neal Waltz, surveys classical and contemporary theories of the behavior of man found in the cross-discipline literature of Western civilization.

His inquiry includes the works of philosophers, anthropologists, and psychologists. The first image is that of 'Man. The second image is "the State. The third image emphasizes international systemic factors. He depicts these factors as being in the state of "anarchy. Ethics and Leadership Forming a. The National Policy Board for Educational Administration used the ISLLC principles for accreditation, efficiently holding educational administrative training programs accountable for not only creating pre-service instructive leaders' knowledge of moral concepts and structures but also for budding their capability to apply such ideas and structures to make moral decisions that would optimistically affect the experiences of pupils.

This is in line with the fifth criterion deals with morals, saying that "a school superintendent is an educational organizer who promotes the achievement of all pupils by acting with honesty, justice, and…… [Read More]. Being Earnest This Play Is. Jack proceeds to let the audience know "…the vital importance of Being Earnest. So this bothers critic Mary McCarthy, who complained that the play has the character of a "…ferocious idyll" and insists that the only moral alternatives offered by ilde are "selfishness and servility" Parker, By "deliberately distorting actuality" ilde is actually expressing what most people can see is a "comic version of the human condition," Parker writes in the Modern Literature Quarterly.

Parker explains that though McCarthy is using standards that don't really fit with a farcical play particularly in that era , she may be onto something with her assertion that the play is about selfishness because indeed the…… [Read More].

Pope and Swift Satirists of Their Day. Swift and Pope's An Epistle to Arbuthnot, the authors seem to vindicate their use of satire, while satirizing others. Alexander Pope, in his preface to An Epistle to Arbuthnot, identifies the motivation of the poem as a response to attacks on his "Person, Morals, and Family" and to give "truer information" of himself Pope Pope warns readers that many would recognize allusions to them in it, "but I have, for the most part spar'd their Names, and they may escape being laugh'd at" Pope Swift and published it almost a decade later in After his friend Esther Johnson died, the theme of death "became a frequent feature in Swift's life" Wikipedia, Boy Nicholas Hornby's About a Boy centers on the relationship between year-old ill and year-old Marcus.

The novel is based, in part, on author Hornby's experiences teaching groups of "alienated kids" in Cambridge, England which adds to the palpable reality of the emotions in the story Knowles Both of the two males exist along on the margins of society, neither performing up to his potential because of a combination of laziness and fear, coupled with a dysfunctional home life which separates them from the majority.

Marcus, on the other hand, has been more or less forced into the margins of society because of his mother, his lack of a father, and a less than traditional upbringing. These men, or soon to be…… [Read More].

This land that can be reached by Peter Pan's nonsensical directions, "second to the right, and then straight on till morning" arrie 24 , represents an upside-down world where the codes of Victorian England can be deeply analyzed and challenged. Moreover, arrie illustrates the unjust roles that women are forced to play through the context of the story's matriarch, Wendy Darling.

From knowledge of arrie's personal life and his usage of subtle, yet potent symbols…… [Read More]. Christ Was and How it Relates to. There are many different types of Christians, including aptists, Catholics, Evangelicals, and Lutherans. This is not an example of three Gods tri-theism , nor is it an example of one God changing forms modalism.

Instead, to Christians, God has eternally existed as one essence with three persons. Since Christ is the second person of the Trinity, Christians believe that Christ has eternally existed as well.

Jesus Christ was "God with skin on. Tune With the Infinite Or Fullness of. Tune with the Infinite: Specifically, it will report on the book, giving an overview of the book with some mention of the key ideas in each chapter, and finishing with a positive conclusion.

There is a golden thread that runs through every religion in the world. There is a golden thread that run through the lives and the teachings of all the prophets, seers, sages, and saviours in the world's history, through the lives of all and women of truly great and lasting power. All that they have ever done or attained to has been done in full accordance with law. What one has done, all may do.

This same golden thread must enter into the lives of all who today,…… [Read More]. Not only is the phrase self-love used as synonymous with the desire of happiness, but it is often confounded with the word selfishness, which certainly, in strict propriety, denotes a very different disposition of mind.

The light is mainly on the main character, Okonkwo, who begins his search for self-perfection at a very young age. He was highly unimpressed with his father and vowed to never to be like him. Okonkwo and his family suffered through trying times but he eventually beat the odds and was very successful as the leader of the tribe.

However, on beating his wives, he disobeyed the gods by refusing to offer animal sacrifice. The gods gave him a severe punishment. He was extremely selfish…… [Read More]. Spiritual but Not Religious An. These values might seem obvious to some, but they are actually values which so many religious institutions may preach, but not practice at all in their religious thought. Ultimately, those who view themselves as spiritual but not religious don't feel that faith can be shoved into scientific or empiricitic frameworks, and these same individuals reject the notion that all is real and can be known: Many people who ascribe to this belief system truly do believe that there are secular movements in the world today which have similar spiritual foundations, but that many of these religious movements are just out of touch with those foundations NSP, Dante One of the Great Ironies of.

Dante One of the great ironies of Dante's Inferno is the centrality of earth-bound fame, moral reputation, praise and blame. The importance of reputation would seem to contradict Virgil's efforts in leading Dante through Purgatory to impart a more meaningful moral message.

Yet it is important to remember that Dante travels alive; Virgil's lessons are instructive in a direct and practical manner. Dante ascertains life lessons from those he encounters in the afterlife, so that he may improve his prospects for earthbound fame.

The importance of fame seems paradoxical when considered in light of the transitory nature of existence. However, Purgatory presents the consequences of a poor public relations scheme. Investment in moral reputation has the potential to strengthen The Divine Comedy's overarching pretensions, by linking the importance of one's earthly life to the life beyond.

Dante makes it clear that reputation does not necessarily have to be pristine to…… [Read More]. Business Ethics the Organization Should Take a. Business Ethics The organization should take a position that it is okay to pursue its actions on the issue. Hartman makes the point that the business, and the people within the business, should follow a path that emphasizes selfishness. This selfishness is an expression of individual liberty and should not be constrained by the wishes of others, so long as the actions do not harm others.

Given that actions are apt to have unpredictable and unknown outcomes, the only reasonable response is either to never do anything, or to do what you need to do. The company should have, however, an ethical code that helps to guide decisions. It not reasonable that the organization should approach a complex ethical dilemma with an ad hoc system of solutions, but rather it should focus on developing a system by which managers within the company should know what their course of action…… [Read More].

What is autocratic leadership? Retrieved December 6, from http: What is servant leadership? Intrinsic motivation at work: Building energy and commitment. How Are We To Live? Bibliography Bartone, P, Barry, C. Leader Influence on Mental Hardiness. Defense Horizons, 69 Testing theories of fairness and reciprocity -- intentions matter. Annales Zoologici Fennici, 38, -- Consequences for labour relations.

Scandinavian Journal of Economics, , 1 -- Collective action as a social exchange. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 39, -- Bibliography Pipes, Jerry, Victor Lee. Leaving a Lasting Legacy. Underground Writers and Filmmakers of the Postwar Era. The True Story of the Novel. References Tocqueville, Alexis de. A Dry White Season. Moral Environment View Full Essay. Retrieved on June 10, from thesaurus. Retrieved on June 10, from aynrandlexicon. The Ethics of Emergencies. Branden, The Virtue of Selfishness pp.

Yet New York City's history also holds a terrible example of one of the most extreme actions of human selfishness and indifference. A young woman named Kitty Genovese was murdered outside of her apartment. People were home, heard her screams yet no one tried to extend her any meaningful assistance. This example of selfishness, or the so-called bystander effect at its most insidious can be seen on the highway everyday, as a stranded motorist waits, while cars whiz by, and everyone continues to hurry to their next appointment, hoping that the person who has stranded has a working cell phone Lecture notes: Philosopher Peter Unger points out that while most people would argue that it is a moral obligation for a person to jump into a river and muddy their clothes to save a drowning child, if they are physically capable of doing so, millions refuse to give to charity.

However, this does not explain why some people are generous in some instances, and less generous in others Social learning theory postulates we learn from our culture and family -- firefighters may have seen altruism championed within their family, while the New York unspoken code of 'look away' in the face of crime, don't make eye contact or get involved is an accepted cultural norm of selfishness Lecture notes: But only social-cognitive theory suggests that very personal variations of self-image are equally important, putting more of a personal 'spin' upon the altruistic impulse, and explaining why selfishness and altruism can exist in tandem in the same person.

This image and these expectations of why and when we should help may vary from person to person within a culture and situation to situation Lecture notes: For example, a firefighter whose self-image is that of a masculine lifesaver may risk his life to save a strange child in a. An Introduction to the History of Psychology. Works Cited Bradley A. Site Accessed July 29, Barnes and Noble Books. South End Press, They tried to outsmart Wall Street.

The New York Times. Retrieved April 25, at http: Works Cited Cahn, Steven M. All of my life, I want to be so brave to say and do what I want. I have heard people say that self-esteem is very important to my interpersonal communication and I must have high confidence or self-esteem.

I just do things for purpose, for intention. My self-esteem depends on situations. If I am prepared enough to do a particular task, my self-esteem is eminent. If I am not, then my self-esteem is low. I believe I am important and I believe that the world is better because I am in it.

I have confidence in myself and my abilities, and that I am able to ask for help. I trust my decisions and at times, I believe that I am my own best resource. I feel confident about my appearances and abilities.

From that, I form a good self-image about myself. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Self Concept Essay specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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The thoroughly selfish man aims at obtaining as much hap­piness as he can for himself and does not care whether other People are happy or miserable. In order to attain this object, he tries to appropriate as large a share as possible of the good things of this world. Whenever he has as opportunity of [ ].

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However, selfishness is a trait that all of us possess, but the amount of selfishness that we have can determine the type of person we are. For instance, parents .

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The world isplagued with poverty, disease, drugs, crime and ignorance. Yet, the mostdestructive is selfishness. People think, work and make decisions based only onwhat they live as if. Free Essay: Selfishness Most of us assume that selfishness is both wrong and unhealthy. But is this true? Selfishness means acting in one's rational.

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Free Essay: The selfish nature of humans Selfishness. A personality trait that only bad people have. Incorrect. Selfishness is part of the nature of every. Ayn Rand, Aristotle, and Selfishness Essay - Ayn Rand, Aristotle, and Selfishness Selfishness is an act that humans innately have implanted within them. Ayn Rand being a rational egoist had many moral beliefs, one being especially about selfishness. She believed that: “Self-interest, properly understood, is the standard of morality and.