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Photography GCSE Coursework HELP!?

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❶Get a buddy to wear some cute pastel coloured clothes. Smile behind the lens.

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Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Nature Sam Taylor Wood is a conceptual artist recently turned filmmaker. A lot of her work is made using film in which she captures sequences and presents them at either a high speed or as a split screen film etc. Show your photos to as many industry professionals as you can.

Ask for constructive criticism and learn from it. This is a great time of growth and learning. Be grateful for all the praise your family and friends will always give your work but remember they will always love everything you do and may find it difficult to point out any faults. Never sign a contract before reading the fine print. Aim towards outsourcing all the things that take you away from earning money for your business like book keeping and web design.

Your time would be better-spent blogging or marketing. Share your work, support other artists whose work you love and be generous with your information. Unless you are lucky enough to be working for cutting edge magazines or alternative clients who love to push the envelope shooting only paid work will give you a very generic looking folio. Name and number and file every shoot in a consistent way. Having a great assistant means you never have to sweat the small stuff.

Everything is taken care of. This means you can focus on getting the shot. Work with a variety of different Hair and Make Up artists and Stylists till you find the ones that compliment your shooting style.

If you depend on your creativity for your living, then your most valuable piece of equipment is your mind. Taking time out everyday is a great way to do this and. Be aware of what is happening around you both for safety and courtesy and to see and capture more images.

Weather can plan an important role in your image: Weather can help make an image, or ruin your whole day. Use the weather to make better photos. Be prepared and be safe. Planning helps make better images at all times. Of course, you might just have to play the cards you are dealt, but, if you give a nod to studying the rotation of the Earth, you might stack the deck in your favor.

Study your images and learn from your own mistakes. Or, if you find your images are perfect, quit before they are not! A zoom can mask laziness in photography. The prime forces you to not only think, but to move, as well.

This will open up more opportunities than it will close. Do you want to tell a story? Do you want to document social or physical change? Use your camera to illustrate your thoughts. Look for the trees in the forest. The light or shadow may be creating an image inside your image. Some photographers know nothing but the abstract. Some know no abstractions. Find your own balance. Explore the scene and create. Your camera simply proves that point.

There is nothing wrong with photographing pretty things—I do it all the time—but sometimes you can surprise yourself by using your camera to make something unattractive suddenly attractive, or, at least, visually interesting. The camera and photographer can combine to possess the power to capture what the eye might disregard. Granted, photography is subjective, and someone might love a shot that you do not love, but, you are the most important viewer of your work, so only show what you love.

Put on your armor, but know that, again, photography is subjective, so listen respectfully to opinions and be open-minded so that you may learn and grow—especially if you agree with them. But remember, always, if you love an image that you have made, no one should be able to take that away from you. If you hang it on your wall or display it on your computer screen and enjoy looking at it, you have made a successful image.

However, if you want your personality to shine through your images, then experiment and find a style that suits your artistic vision. Be consistent with your style, but also realize that your style might not fit every shooting situation.

Always know the fundamentals so you can fall back on them when needed. Photography is a technologically based art form, but the technology does not make the art, the human behind the camera does. Do not look for solutions in something that runs on batteries and arrives in a box. I prefer photographic art exhibits, but, when I am in the presence of paintings, I study them to see how the artist used color, light, shadow, line, composition, etc, to make the image successful—or not.

I have thousands of images from a day trip to Eastern Europe, but today I struggle to tell friends what city I was standing in when I took a particular photo. Remember to live first, experience the moment, be present, and only then try to capture it.

Not every camera can capture every virtual photograph, but your eye and mind certainly can. Constantly see the world around you and look for photographs, even if they are impossible to capture with the gear you have in your bag or front pocket.

Experiment with different settings, scenes, lights, darks, colors, everything. You will never know what you can capture until you capture it. The magic of digital photography is that each image is virtually free, so the only thing you may waste is a fraction of a second.

Be creative with your camera. Smile behind the lens. But, regardless of your results, have fun with photography. Nothing else really matters—not even the photograph. I am a 16 year old boy and i love to just go outside and take pictures.

Next time I go outside I will remember this artical. It really helped me. I was looking for someone to explain a few things of Photografie and I found them over here. But can you explain to me how to show light like you did with the picture under tip I would really like to know how to do that.

I assume you are talking about the sunstars? I am glad it helped you! Glad to make your day, Ira! Thanks for stopping by and best of luck on your photographic endeavors! ThankYou so much Sir. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave some kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the article!

Actually I have come out of Hybernation. Almost after 16 months I have promised myself to get behind the lens today. Thanks for the wonderful write-up You got the photographer in me out of hibernation.

Apart from understanding photography, very less people have similar ability in writing. Which is evident in your write up. Welcome back from hibernation! Thank you so much for the compliment! Thanks for reading and taking the time to write.

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May 02,  · hi everyone so im currently in the middle of my GCSE Photography coursework and i need some help my theme i am doing is colour, and i have decide to go in to the pastel coloured theme with a sort of vintage feel incorporated*. I did have some good ideas but because of weather and lighting issues i haven't been able to do them so i need some new ideas that i can carry out easily as Resolved.

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Jun 11,  · Coursework Definition, How to Write a Coursework, etc. Case Study Service: Case Study Analysis, Case Study Format, Case Study Method, Case .

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Photography 60% Coursework ☺ 2 distinct modules (two A3 portfolios) o 35% for the write-ups o 25% for the photos § 12½% of which relating to the artist Things to help germinate work back home & in the classroom. • Take photos, make sketches, take short notes. Hey guys:) My photography theme is identity and I was wondering if any of you could help me out; I need a varitety of anonymous personal letters that bein.

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What to do if you're computer's crashed and you've lost your Photography photography course. Transcript of GCSE Photography Coursework. GCSE PHOTOGRAPHY Include your own photographs (edited in Photoshop) Include examples of other photographers' work that links to your own work Andrea Jones Project 1: Nature Sam Taylor Wood is a conceptual artist recently turned filmmaker. Taylor-Wood’s work examines people’s conditions through.